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Sun, Feb 07, 2010
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Valentine Moments: Most Touching/ Romantic (Part 1)

Those 3 words

In a relationship, there's always a story. Mine, was a great story.

I have a boyfriend and we're just a normal couple who would hold hands and walk on the street.

My current boyfriend was so different from my other ex-boyfriends. He wouldn't say the words 'I love you' so easily. Everytime I begged him to say out because I wanted to hear him say, he wouldn't. Many times, I was disappointed.

I would think to myself: Is it so difficult to say the three words to me? Or is it because he still couldn't trust me?

I didn't have much freedom from my parents, so I always could not be with him. I felt bad, I tried to make him happy whenever I could.

On my birthday, he looked me up with a cake in his hands. I could see him sweating. I looked at my watch, it was about 11pm. I asked him how he managaed to buy a cake at this time when it was so late. He smiled and told me he rushed to Jurong to buy it, then rushed down to meet me. He lit the candle & sang me a birthday song.

I was so touched, though it was a small gesture. No one has ever done this for me before, that made me even more touched. Tears welled up in my eyes. After making a wish and blowing the candle, I heard something...

"I love you."

He said out the three words! I was so happy! He told me that at the start he was afraid that my parents would break us up.

After some thought, he felt that if he loves me, no matter what difficulties we have to go through, we would go through it together.

To all of you, this may not be the most touching moment, but to me it is. Thanks my boy, for everything , I love you too.

Ang Jia Hui

Most Momentous Valentine's Day at Phromthepe Cape
We always spend our Valentine's Day in Singapore. For a change, we planned our Phuket, Thailand, trip from the 10th to 14th so that we could celebrate the Valentine's Day there.

The beautiful islands, clear water, clean beaches and the great service there really helped build up the atmosphere to the romantic day.

To celebrate this special day of the year, we decided to go to the most southern tip of Phuket, called the Phromthepe Cape to view the sunset. As Phromthepe Cape is very far away from our hotel, we needed to find transport. We wanted to book a tuk-tuk (taxi) but it cost a lot. Thinking of a cheaper solution, we walked past a motorbike rental shop and an idea came to me. I told my girlfriend that we shall rent a bike and make our own way to the Cape! My girlfriend was shocked by the sudden proposal because I have never rode a motorbike before! But lucky me, riding a scooter is not that difficult. I managed to learn it
within 10 minutes and immediately we hit the roads for the destination where lovebirds go to view the beautiful sunset.

After a few wrong turns, we finally reached the destination. The scenery was breathtaking and the weather was fantastic. So we found a nice corner and hugged each other while watching the orange sun slowly set in the horizon. It was indeed a very romantic moment for the two of us. We made our way back to the hotel afterwards and both of us promised to tell all our friends about this enchanting place.

Aik Kah Chew

A delightful surprise

February 14 2008 is a day I would never forget.

It was going to be our second Valentine's day together and looking forward to our dinner date that evening, I could hardly keep still. Does he have anything special in mind? Would he take me for a romantic stroll along the beach? Excitement coursed through my veins as I pictured us all dressed up and having the time of our lives.

At 5pm, he called to say he would come over after dinner instead as he was not feeling well. He sounded bored and detached and I could tell he was lying. Instantly, the beautiful picture in my mind was shattered. I was confused and angry. My head started to spin and all of a sudden, there were tears streaming down my face.

A million thoughts raced through my mind. Is he mad at me? Is he really sick? Did something happen? Or maybe he just doesn’t love me anymore.

I waited restlessly for him to come. 8pm came, then 9pm. Still no sign of him. I started to panic and wondered if something had happened to him. I tried calling but his phone was switched off. Being the easily worried person that I am, I kept calling and calling till finally at 10pm my phone rang. It was him. He told me to go into my room and look out the window. I walk over to the window tentatively and took a peek.

I was dumbstruck and found difficulty believing my eyes. It felt so surreal like a scene out of a Korean drama. Laid out on the hill facing my window were tea candles that were painstakingly laid out and lighted. It spelt out three words : 

I ♥ U

Just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming, so I pinched myself. It hurt. I was incapable of containing my joy. It was overwhelming!! I ran down to meet him only to find more presents awaiting. A beautiful watch he knew I wanted and a poster telling me how much I meant to him. However, the cutest and sweetest present of all was how he hooked a pretty heart shaped lock onto his shirt and told me that he is my present! I was hilarious and couldn’t help but squeal with delight.

He was and still is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Melissa Ng

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