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Thu, Feb 25, 2010
Daily Chilli
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Cracking the myths about sex (Part 3)
by Chew Wan Ying

True account: 26-year-old woman who did not know that having sex with her father was wrong

Meanwhile, compared to these students, Marina is luckier and has her mother to thank for when it comes to sex education at an early age.

When she was a kid, a question about how cows give birth had led to an explanation on sex by Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali.

“I wouldn’t say that this is easy for parents. It is awkward,” she said.

As awkward as it is, it is only essential, agreed Marina and Azah, as not touching on the subject might lead to grave consequences in the long run.

Azah shared a true account of how a 26-year-old woman who did not know that having sex with her father was wrong.

“She’s been doing it since she was 16 because her father told her that’s his way of loving her,” she said.

Marina echoed: “Yes, many girls only find out that incest is wrong after they read the newspaper reports.”

Worse still, the lack of sex knowledge might indirectly lead to one being infected with HIV through unprotected sex, added Marina.

Sex education is the way to go, said the panel, insisting that it is the key in solving social issues.

Marina cited the example of the Netherlands, which has a set of comprehensive sex education for its teenagers and in return, has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate.

What about our country you ask?

Marina applauded the government’s effort in trying to introduce sex education in schools, but thinks that in order for it to work, cooperation from all quarters is required.

“The government has been talking to various non-governmental organisations. However, you need commitment from everyone involved, because sex education is made up of various components, such as biology, Pendidikan Jasmani (Physical Education), Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills), religion and moral subjects,” she concluded.

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