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Fri, Feb 26, 2010
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What men and women find irresistible in each other

IN A recent UK survey, it was found that men find women with a great body and cleavage irresistible. But all it takes to melt a woman's heart, is for a man to smile.

RazorTV conducted its own poll to find out if men are truly superficial the world over, and if ladies are truly from Venus. Read on...

What turns you on?

We find out what Singaporean men and women find irresistible in each other.

Girl Watching

Are there irresistible girls in Singapore?

Turn Offs!

From LV bags to boots, to girls in glasses, find out if what women wear make them irresistible... or not.

Girl Next Door and Japanese Girls

Can you tell a woman's character from how she looks?

Girls on a manhunt

How do women judge men and what do they look at?

What makes City Slicker Chics Tick

Four hot chics talk about "The List", and tell us what makes them tick.

The Simply Irresistible List

What did this UK survey reveal about what men and women find irresistible in the opposite sex?



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