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Fri, Mar 05, 2010
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Treat yourself to this 'milkshake' when you're down with hair woes
by MaryAnn Soh

Ever had one of those cravings for a good thick and creamy milkshake before? Well, I have.

Recently, I discovered a place that serves a good honeycomb milkshake - not too flat and runny, but delivers just the right amount of body and richness.

I am talking about cult salon Komanchi's Milkshake Hair Treatment, enhanced with ultrasonic heat therapy.

Suitable for chemically treated and damaged hair, the Milkshake Treatment is touted to be able to improve hair strength and resistance, and achieve a fuller body by pumping intense moisture to the hair with the help of Japan’s latest beauty equipment, the Ultrasonic Iron.

After the treatment, it claims that hair will be extremely smooth and shiny. And apparently, all that could be achieved immediately after just one application.

Sounds too good to be true? To ease my curiosity (and satisfy that milkshake craving), I rocked up to Komanchi's Liang Court outlet to find out for myself.

Upon arrival at the salon, I was ushered to a seat by a friendly staff who was all smiles but did not say much to me. She kindly offered me some hot tea to settle down as I waited for my therapist to attend to me. Later, I discovered that most staff are Japanese, hence their gentle (and quiet) approach. But not to worry, if you face communication difficulties, the receptionist who is bilingual would be able to assist.

First up, my therapist Gio, who has had five years of experience in the haircare industry, rinsed my hair using the Natural Milkshake Shampoo, which would compliment the treatment later.

After drying my hair, Gio began the tedious application of 'milkshake' to my long tresses, meticulously combing in the essence with the Ultrasonic Iron.

The milk is a delicious recipe which consists of natural ingredients such as milk proteins, yoghurt proteins, amino acids, honey and fruit extracts (so natural that I was told that there will not be side effects if the treatment was accidentally consumed).

The iron rod is non-heating so it will not burn your scalp or skin. While milk formula nourishes, the ultrasonic technology, with in-built infrared rays, helps the nutrients penetrate deeper into each hair shaft without causing hair cuticles to open. With the applied heat, the treatment can last up to three weeks, as compared to one week without.

However, the heat treatment is only recommended for those with long to shoulder-length hair as it will not be cost effective for those sporting short crops.

My hair falls to the middle of my back so I fit the bill. But more so, I was told that this particular treatment is suitable for an outdoor person like me as the sun has a drying effect on hair and causes split ends. So the milk serum is good for replenishing hair's loss moisture.

The application was a two-step process beginning with the milkshake application. The second coat involved applying an intensive restricting essence to lock in all the nutrients.

To be quite honest, I was tired bored as the entire process took one hour as Gio seemingly tried to ensure that she did not miss any strand. With all the goodness piled in, my head felt so heavy towards the end, I had difficulty trying to keep balance of it. But thankfully that also marked the end of the treatment, and it was time for the final wash to rinse off all the hair products.

The result? No knots, no kinks after the blow dry. A check on my hair tips and there were no more flyaway ends.

I stepped out of the salon feeling like a hair model, excited to show off my healthy locks to the world! My normally limp hair had added volume. But most of all, I adored the sweet honey scent in my hair, which lingered up to a week after the treatment.

So did it satisfy my craving? You bet it was more than satisfactory!

Price ranges from $110 to $170 (depending on the length of your hair). Komachi the Hair Cult is located at 177 River Valley Road #02-07 Liang Court. For appointments, please call 6339 9432.


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*Only applicable for readers who try the Milkshake Treatment.
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*Komanchi Hair Cult reserves the right to amend the offer.

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