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Mon, Dec 27, 2010
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Why so grossed out? It's only breast milk
by Clara Chow


IF YOU’VE been keeping abreast of news in the restaurant world, you’ll know that a New York City chef recently sent some people into a ti(t)zzy when he announced that he had made cheese out of his wife’s excess breast milk.

Of all the things said about the breast-milk cheese (which actually requires some animal milk to make, too), my favourite is from The Wall Street Journal food critic Raymond Sokolov, who told the BBC World Service that he had always wanted to know what breast milk tasted like because his mother did not breastfeed him.

His verdict?

“Quite a solid yellow cheese with a distinct fermented taste,” he said.

Aptly, the cheese-making chef’s name is Daniel Angerer.

Because, while he was hailed by some for his brainwave, he also succeeded in angering some people – or at least caused them to feel nauseated – who think that tasting human milk if you are not an infant is gross. I guess the key principle to remember here is: “To each his or her own.”

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