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Fri, Apr 09, 2010
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Dress right for your body type
by MaryAnn Soh

Not all of us are blessed with a hourglass body, but we can still look super good and trendy with the right fit of clothes.

That's what fashion guru and stylist R S Danny (right) strongly believes.

With over two decades of experience in the fashion, entertainment and modeling industry, the organisers of Fashion Season at Orchard (FSO) have invited RSD to be the on-site professional personal stylist for the series of Fashion Styling Workshops @ The Centrepoint, happening from 16-25 April. 

Since all the talk is about fashion this month, Diva caught up with this industry expert to find out how ordinary women can work their bodies to their advantage when it comes to fashion.

While there is no sure formula for this, R S Danny shares with us tips and tricks on how to dress right according to your body contours.

Typically, there are five types of body shapes:

1. Inverted triangle

Models and talents seen in magazines have this body type. Shoulders are broader than waist. You'd want to de-emphasize the shoulders and give your silhouette more proportion. 

Trick: Use fabrics that are crisp and have a definite form. Avoid flauncy or rumpled textures.

Opt for clean and simple designs, but go wild with colours. Take the emphasis off the shoulders by putting on a straight jacket paired with some cute leggings.

2. Straight body

A.K.A the "tree trunk look", in which hips and shoulders are about the same width. The aim is to create the illusion of a waistline.

Trick: Soften the straight look with the use of belts, thicker the better. Women with this type of figure should wear more waisted dresses. Avoid tight skirts because women with this body type generally have flat bottoms. Waistier trousers aren't such a bad idea either!

3. Pear shape

Slopping shoulders and a heavy bottom are nagging issues. You're shoulders are narrow and hips are relatively bigger. The trick to dressing is to play it down at the hips and be intelligent about the shoulders - that is, work it to your advantage.

Trick: Wear outfits with minimal patterns. Avoid drapes at all cost as it will only make you look saggier and heavier at the bottom.

Make use of shoulder pads. If you have droopy shoulders, go for outfits with cubed pads or epaulettes, especially since the military look is in vogue this season.

4. Hourglass shape

Women with this physique are curvacious and most well-endowed. They are the desire of men, envy of women. But if unwise about dressing, certain outfits will make them look larger at certain places than it should.

Trick: Stick to fitting outfits, trash the baggy ones. If you've got the assets, accentuate and don't hide them in frumpy tops. Kimono or cut-in sleeves will give you a softer appearance, if the sultry appearance is not what you're going for.

5. Round-figured

You're rounded overall, and typically have a shorter body with longer legs. The key is to streamline your look.

Trick: Move attention away from the torso and up. Accessorise with scarves or jewellery. Wear a V-neck top or a long jacket to drop the waistline.

Most of all, R S Danny tells Diva that it is important to maintain good health and keep toned.

He said: "Even if you wear a fitting dress, the look is enhanced if you are physically toned. This will help you look fit under the body frame."

And since a sense of fashion is not something that can be immediately acquired, the key is to "be experimental"!


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