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Tue, May 04, 2010
The Straits Times
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Eyelid job for Elva

Taipei - Singer Elva Hsiao has admitted to having an eyelid job, and says it has changed her luck for the better.

She revealed this at the Music Radio Awards last month in Beijing, reported China Times yesterday, when she was asked about the eye make-up she wears to make her eyes look big and expressive.

She had the procedure in March last year and it was what her mother wanted, she said.

'In addition to having larger eyes, my fortune turned around and my album was an immediate hit,' she said, referring to her record Diamond Candy, which was released in October last year.

Not only that, she has also shaved an hour off the time she spends on hair and make-up.

According to China Times, she used to need two hours for her eyes alone: to tape her single eyelids into double eyelids, stick on eyelashes and put on eye make-up. She would need another hour for her hair.

Once, singer Stanley Huang had to wait for her for three hours for an event they were attending.

Hsiao said she spent NT$15,000 (S$655) on her double-eyelids procedure.

She had her eyelids stitched and not cut, she said, 'because the recovery period for cut double eyelids is three to four months and too long'.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

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