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Thu, Jun 17, 2010
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Excerpts from a Chinese woman national's blog

She was abandoned by her boyfriend at eighteen, and became a prostitute in Singapore in a bid to find ways to lessen her pain. Below are some excerpts from her blog, in which she wrote about her experience as a prostitute in Geylang, and how she felt remorseful after her stint ended.

"I knew that all guys were jerks ever since I got dumped when I was eighteen."
-- an entry describing the Chinese woman's disappointment with men.

"I have never asked him for money, but he would give me an allowance every month. ... One day he really disappeared for good. He became uncontactable. I was so angry ... I sank into despair. I smoke and drink and danced the nights away. ... Until one day, my friend Wen Wen called me from Singapore saying that the guys were all decent looking and there was big money to be made there."
-- a description of how the girl began her life as a prostitute.

"My customer said that Hong Kong men are heartless, Taiwanese men are shameless and Singaporean men are ignorant. I agreed. ... I wondered why he wanted to talk to a person like me, a person who is at the bottom of the food chain, some one who is depised by many."
-- Recounting the conversation she had with her last customer

"Why are men all the same? Is it so hard for me to find someone who truly loves me?"
-- A statement that describes the woman's despair at finding true love

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