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Tue, Jul 06, 2010
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More awareness on breastfeeding needed

I REFER to the letter, "Not enough facilities for mums who breastfeed" (my paper, July 2).

Nursing rooms are not always conveniently located and are sometimes congested.

I have given up on using nursing rooms in shopping centres and resorted to getting a nursing bib and nursing my baby in cafes, where I can at least get a good seat and some nice music.

I have seen other mothers do the same. It is certainly less stressful than searching for an elusive nursing room with a hungry baby in tow.

More awareness on breastfeeding needs to be raised.

Major shopping centres and workplaces should have basic facilities where mothers can breastfeed and express their milk.

Also, many fathers would like to be part of their wives' nursing journey, and hence could be allowed into nursing rooms if there is nobody around.

While the writer encountered a rude father in a nursing room, whose behaviour is unacceptable, I hope that he belongs to a minority.

There are online forums offering support to breastfeeding mothers. They also list shopping centres with mum-friendly breastfeeding facilities.

I hope that breastfeeding mothers will support each other through their journey and be confident that they are contributing to the health of the next generation.

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