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Love or sex?
STOMP blogger Maia Lee has a self-confessed need for love. But her relationships make the news for the wrong reasons.
Kym Ng finally decides on wedding date
Her wedding will add to the growing list of celebs who will tie the knot in the Year of the Ox.
That dreaded ‘M’ word
Whoever it was that first said the girl who catches the bouquet will be the next bride had no inkling what he or she was talking about. I know this for a fact. Proof? I've been catching the bride's bouquet without fail for the past 15 years – and I'm still single
Future mum-in-law turns abusive
Boyfriend's mum suddenly turns against woman, causing her distress and even consideration legal action.
Unreasonable to act negatively to friend dating her alcoholic ex-beau?
Recovered alcoholic is shocked to find that her close friend is dating an ex-beau who has not quit drink and drugs.
"Girlfriend": Husband is the third party
A couple's ordeal began when the wife's former lesbian schoolmate harassed them after tracking them down - even after the couple have been married for three years.
Ah choo! Is that a cold or a sexy thought?
The next time you hear someone sneeze, it may be due to more than just a cold. -TNP
Double celebration for Choo sisters
Getting hitched on Christmas Day is a double celebration for these two Malaysian sisters. -The Star
He does not want a baby with me
I want to have a baby, but my partner does not. He even had a vasectomy to be sure of it. I don't know what to do.

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