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Stories with this keyword: boob job

Rachel Kum: Before & After...her boob job
Controversial beauty queen admits to having breast enhancements.
Rachel comes clean
Controversial Miss S’pore Universe admits to having breast enhancements.
New beauty quick fixes
Improved nip/tuck procedures can tweak myriad imperfections in the blink of an eye.
Rise in botched breast operations
Many women are lured by beauticians into having such surgeries by unqualified doctors from China due to lower prices.
More Asian women going for boob jobs
With better techniques available, boobs can be made bigger within 20 minutes by a competent plastic surgeon and the patient can get back to work within 24-48 hours.
Get great boobs without surgery (The Right Bra Pt 7)
Which bra should you wear to get those perfect, gravity defying orbs without going under the knife?
'A breast op from me will get you a man'
Aussie cosmetic surgeons use hard-sell tactics to booby trap women.

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