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Stories with this keyword: couples

Hottest trends among newlyweds
Some young couples are into flash marriages or trial-marriages.
Embracing a 'naked marriage'
Doing without a ring, apartment and car, is becoming more acceptable to young people who want to get married sooner rather than later.
Govt's done enough, it's up to couples
Blaming the Government is almost like saying one will not procreate because of insufficient incentives.
Odd couple perfect for each other
Meet one of the winning couples from the MCYS Facebook photo contest.
Extreme passion for sports and one another
There are ways to channel your competitiveness between each other instead of always squabbling about who's right. Try taking up a sport together!
Are there sex "crimes" you are guilty of?
Like to watch TV in bed? You could be committing a sex "crime".
Dirty Dance Off (Extreme Sports Couples Pt6)
A couple's face-off, don't we just love watching that! Catch Mahmud and Dian do their own unique mini dance battle.
Slick couple, slick moves (Extreme Sports Couples Pt4)
Catch inline skaters Ben and Shu Wen as they whiz around on their skates, showcasing their slick moves.
Punch. Kick. Love (Extreme Sports Couples Pt5)
Watch Eugene and Joan kick, punch and air-box their way to each other's hearts.
Hot moves, hot couple (Extreme Sports Couples Pt3)
When B-girl Dian Lestari and B-Boy Mahmud Khair go on a date, what do they do? Or do they even have time for dates? Let's find out!

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