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Stories with this keyword: maternity leave

Dad's view: Cash is no magic bullet
Although it was not stated, the bulk of the additional money is likely to go towards the enhanced Baby Bonus scheme.
A mum's view: Signal for mindset shift
Reactions to the enhanced package so far show the results might not be so clear-cut - or appreciated.
Maternity benefits for women on short-term contracts
Some 3,000 married women employed on short-term contracts are expected to benefit each year from new government maternity payouts.
Baby Bonus, maternity leave still best incentives?
"Paid maternity leave for 16 weeks" emerge as the top ranked measure when married respondents were asked about what would influence them to have children.
Employers can now make monthly claims for maternity leave
From August 2, employers and self-employed women will be able to make monthly reimbursement claims for Government Paid Maternity Leave (GPML).
No plans to extend adoption leave for mothers
Mr Chan Chun Sing was responding to a parliamentary query by Assoc Prof Fatimah Lateef.
Japanese school fined for denying maternity leave
The school authorities fired one of the teachers and signed a new contact with another one as a part-time employee instead of full-time.
Mummies, would you have a second baby?
What would make it easier to have another child? Mums share some ideas..
Get pregnant, lose the job
What are the options available for those who've been unlawfully dismissed?
More study needed before converting maternity to parental leave
Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports says that government cannot legislate that working fathers do more to care for children in the home.

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