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Stories with this keyword: mistress

Mistress 'stole' my family
Jane haboured so much hurt and anger against her father's mistress that she would dream about killing her.
I don't want to still be a mistress when I’m 60
Lena did not feel guilty for being with a married man, but she knows she will never fully own him.
What makes a woman a mistress
Nobody wants to be labelled a homewrecker. So why do some women end up in such predicaments?
Why won't the mistress just leave?
Emotional and financial security rank high on the mistress’ list.
When a man strays, the finger is immediately pointed at the woman
The "other" woman is always blamed for seducing the husband, tearing a family apart.
What makes a woman become a mistress?
Lena shares how she became a mistress for 3 years even after the rude shock of discovering her beau was married.
Wife of 16 years discovered she is actually the mistress
Malaysian woman recently found out her Singaporean husband is a married man with four children; she has filed a police report of bigamy in Singapore.
Tough virtues of the modern China woman
To qualify as a "modern" Chinese woman, one must be able to fight off the mistress, dress well and maintain their looks.
Kelly Poon accused of being a 'third woman'
Online post said that she was the third party in a relationship and had broken up a marriage. But the singer denied involvement.
Extramarital affairs rise in aftermath of success
Many men in China feel empty when they become successful, and want to re-experience the passion of love.

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