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Stories with this keyword: obesity

Starting spoonfeeding later may trim obesity risk
Some studies have also suggested that breastfeeding protects against obesity.
Singaporean women diet to avoid feeling second best
The fear of losing their partners was also cited as reasons for dieting.
Treating babies in the womb
S'pore scientists may be able to prevent or treat conditions such as diabetes and obesity – even before a child is born.
What baby fat?
Don't worry if your kid appears overweight. With an active lifestyle, many children end up losing those kilos.
Pot-bellied kids risk heart disease
Obese children with bigger waists have lower good cholesterol levels and higher fat levels - a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.
Tubby kids - the new age disease
Childhood obesity is one of the biggest health problems the world is facing. In 2007, the World Health Organisation estimated that 22 million children under the age of five around the world were overweight.

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