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Stories with this keyword: plastic surgery

Perks without the pain?
More women are turning to injections, creams, massages– anything to improve their "assets" without going under the knife.
China woman wants plastic surgery to win back boyfriend
Woman plans to undergo plastic surgery to transform herself into his favourite actress: Hollywood star Jessica Alba.
No idol is perfect
He raised a few eyebrows last Nov when he revealed in an interview with The New Paper that he was going for nose and double eyelid surgery.
Chin up for surgery
Trust a veteran make-up artist to think of plastic surgery as 'permanent make-up'.
Looking sharp
Not only are more guys getting plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments, more high-profile men are embracing such procedures.
She undergoes 10 procedures in a day
This is just the start, says US reality TV star Heidi Montag.
Taiwan looks to China for nip-and-tuck boom
Affluent Chinese these days are eager to fit some nips and tucks into trips to Taiwan.
The brave new world of plastic surgery
Plastic surgery has moved into the mainstream and the middle class, and crossed into new territory.
Women here prefer reduction surgery instead
While celebs like Victoria Beckham spark off nipple surgery craze overseas, Singaporeans do things on a smaller scale.
Fake or natural - which do you prefer?
People on the streets were asked which they preferred to look at - a heavily edited picture of Madonna that made her look younger than her age, or a picture of Hanis Hussey sans make-up and digital touch-ups?

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