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Fri, 18 Mar 2011
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No more or "pear-shaped" or "hourglass" bodies

A SURVEY conducted by Triumph found that women dislike having their bodies classified by inanimate objects like apples and pears, so they came up with an all-new set of categories.

Karen Ashly, sales and marketing manager of Triumph, said that women's bodies should be seen as works of art instead.

Which is why the lingerie maker's new set of classifications are named after famous artists such as Da Vinci (named after Leonardo Da Vinci) and Matisse (named after Henry Matisse).

The new body shapes

REMBRANDT (formerly known as "Hour Glass"): Women belonging to this group tend to have smaller waists and almost-equally-proportioned busts and bottom.

DA VINCI (formerly known as "Straight" or "Rectangle"): Women in this group might have a wide waist in proportion to the rest of their body, making most of their bodies rather similar in width, and therefore having less curves.

RAPHAEL (formerly known as "Inverted Triangle"): Women who belong to this group usually have broad shoulders and a body that is significantly wider on the upper torso. Some are also well-endowed, and they usually have smaller waists and hips in proportion to their upper torso.

RUBENS (formerly known as "Apple"): Women from this group tend to put on weight easily around their mid-sections.

BOTTICELLI (formerly known as "Pear"): Women with this body shape tend to be more bottom-heavy with bigger hips and butts as compared to their busts.

MATISSE: Women in this group have a general narrow frame, most noticeable narrow shoulders and hips, but they might have a wider mid-section and wider thighs.

Find out which categories some female celebrities belong to.

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REMBRANDT: Actress Megan Fox, who caught the world's attentioned after her role in Transformers, is the envy of many women, with her well-proportioned body. (Photo:Reuters)
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