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Mon, 03 Jun 2013
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There's nothing makeup can't do: See how girl hides her acne

Believe it or not, these photos are of the same girl with a severe acne condition, who demonstrates the wonders of makeup in this gallery.

According to a report on Asian Town, the girl pictured is Elaine Mokk from Toronto, Canada.

In a YouTube video, she describes how her acne condition worsened due to birth control pills and a medication she was prescribed.

The medication, Accutane, is meant to improve the condition of her skin, but the drug makes one's skin worse before it gets better.

These photos were taken when her complexion was at its worst during her first two weeks of taking Accutane, but it has dramatically healed since then.

Her videos show her journey to better skin, and also how she conceals her acne with make-up.

Netizens have applauded Elaine for her courage.

One said, "You're so freaking beautiful. Your eyes are gorgeous. You're stunning as it is. I know everyone has their flaws, but you are just the definition of perfection. You're a strong fighter."

According to Elaine's channel profile on YouTube, she is half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese.

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YouTube user ElaineMokk charts her journey to clearer skin on her video channel. Here, she appears with makeup.
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Please la.....go see a doctor.
Posted by WangHao123 on Mon, 3 Jun 2013 at 18:47 PM


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