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Fri, Sep 03, 2010
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Re-nourish skin with Sothys Cosmeceutic Ageless Serum 4
by Cynthia Loh

Cosmeceutic skincare brand Sothys has just introduced its Cosmeceutic Ageless Serum Grade 4 - Replenishing Anti-ageing serum.

Knowing that free radicals attack and damage healthy skin cells, the serum offers a combination of powerful antioxidants originating from plants to combat these free radicals. It also contains messenger peptides to boost the natural system of damaged DNA fragments, so that cells can activate signals to repair themselves.

The serum also contains a flax seed oil that is rich in omega-3 and extracts rich in sugars to offer essential nutrients that are necessary for combating ageing skin.

A third active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a natural skin filler to plump out the dermis layer by retaining water within and to stimulate collagen production, which is essential for increasing skin firmness and skin density. The result is the reduction in the
appearance of wrinkles on skin.

Sothys Replenishing
Anti-ageing serum

The serum is particularly useful against skin ageing from extrinsic factors, such as sun exposure, pollution, a poor diet, cigarette smoke and stress, as it helps to provides nutrition to restart your cells' metabolism and lengthen the life span of the cell.

Diva's review: With a pleasant and subtle floral fragrance, this serum delivers pretty impressive results.

One week into use and I felt that my skin had become considerably softer, and the roughened, horny texture that haunts my skin, especially around my jawline and forehead when my skin gets dehydrated, was a lot less pronounced even though I was feeling stressed and not getting enough sleep.

Overall, the serum did a good job of helping to balance my combination skin/ It delivered moisture and reduced the usual redness where my skin needed it, yet was not too creamy so that I could apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night without feeling like I was overloading my face with creams.

You can use it on its own if you feel that your skin is adequately hydrated, but still need a preventive measure against the daily grind of pollution and stress, or with one of Sothy's four ageless creams to boost skin's moisture levels and restore skin's firmness. While it is rather pricey, some of may still feel it is money well-spent as an anti-ageing measure, compared to the thousands that you may consider spending aesthetic treatments when you need to correct these problems in future.

Sothys Cosmeceutic Ageless Serum Grade 4 - Replenishing Anti-ageing serum - retails at S$249 (30ml) at all Sothys contract and dealer salons.

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