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Wed, Nov 10, 2010
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What are the best positions for breastfeeding after Caesarean?

The best ways to feed after a Caesarean is to lie down on your side or in a semi reclining
position. You can place a soft pillow over your belly so that your baby doesn’t kick at the wound.

Having a pillow under you arm can also help to make you more comfortable.

If you breastfeed by lying down on your side, hold your baby on her side, facing you with her
mouth facing the nipple. You should support your baby’s back with your arm.

You can offer your baby the other breast by simply placing her on your chest and then rolling over. Over the next few days, you can try to nurse the baby in an upright position.

But do so at your own pace and always ask for help from your family to help you position the baby if you are unable to move much due to the wound.

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