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Mon, Dec 13, 2010
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Kimmy Jayanti : Modeling, backpacking shopping
by Triwik Kurniasari

With her dark skin and blond hair, model Kimmy Jayanti, 18, is strikingly eye-catching. Her look has stolen the heart of a number of designers. Aside from working in the glamorous world of fashion, the model-cum-actress also loves backpacking.

After my role in the film I Know What You Did on Facebook, I haven't acted in any other movies. I'm still focusing on my modeling career. I'm in negotiations for a role in a new film. Just wait and see.

I fell in love with acting after I appeared in my first film. In I Know What You Did on Facebook, I play a tomboy and the character is just so me.

I've been a tomboy since I was little. I used to spend time on the pitch playing soccer and basketball at school with my friends.

Now, I'm not playing those sports anymore because I'm concentrating on modeling. Even though I love acting, I'm still not sure whether I will continue in the film industry since basically I'm a model. I enjoy my job. I love my job.

My modeling work often requires me to work until midnight, therefore on Sundays I usually wake up very late, around 1 p.m.

After getting out of bed, I normally have some munchies and swim before hanging out with my buddies in the evening. If I don't work, I tend to go home early and go to sleep at 10 p.m.

You know, behind all those glamorous things, I'm just an ordinary person, who does the things other normal people do.

If I have a day off, for instance, I'd rather lay low at home instead of going clubbing. The Kimmy who you see on the runway is way different from the Kimmy you meet in daily life. In real life, I'm a home-sweet-home kind of woman.

I also like shopping, but I choose to shop overseas - like in Bangkok, Thailand or Hong Kong - because the stuff sold there is much cheaper than in Jakarta. I also like hunting for places that offer second-hand things.

Another reason why I choose to shop abroad is because while shopping I also enjoy traveling. I love traveling, especially budget traveling or backpacking with my friends.

Backpacking is a fun way of traveling because you are challenged to find budget lodging, dining and transportation.

Traveling in another country on a shoestring budget is not easy. It takes a serious and well-planned itinerary before you can go backpacking.

Besides a good quality backpack, I usually also bring food during my trip. It's more fun if you can go in a group because each of you can carry different food or snacks for everybody in the group.

I usually only bring a pair of shoes, some clothes, a toothbrush, facial scrub and some medications to lighten my load. Other toiletries can be bought over there.

I usually buy backpacking equipment at a store in Bandung because it offers gears in different styles and colors. I've been backpacking to Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. I plan to go to Bangkok again next year with my friends.

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