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Thu, Dec 23, 2010
The Korea Herald/ANN
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Women more willing to divorce than men
by Robert Lee

Korean women are more likely to keep divorce on the table than men, indicating a change in societal views on the issue, according to a marriage consulting firm Wednesday.

A recent survey of singles in their 20s to 30s conducted by matchmaking company DUO found that 55.6 percent of the 500 women respondents believed that “divorce is necessary if they are unhappy” and 21.4 percent said it was only an option as long as they do not have any children. But just 43.72 percent and 15.69 percent of men, respectively, gave the same answers to the questions.

In addition, 40.6 percent of 478 male respondents believed that divorce should be avoided at all costs.

“Compared to men, more women tend to believe that the benefits to marriage are low, and this tendency is revealing itself in their perception of divorce,” said an official at DUO.

Women also seem willing to prepare for such instances.

More than 40 percent of the women surveyed answered that they would keep a separate account for the possibility of a divorce. Slightly more than 35.4 percent of men believe that no preparation is necessary.

“Traditionally in Korean culture, many people tend to think there are problems with the woman when a couple gets divorced,” said Shim Woo-young, a 21-year-old woman.

The data shows that women’s perceptions are changing, and they are less likely to feel shame or blame for a divorce.

Most men and women shared the view that a spouse’s affair would be absolute grounds for divorce. Domestic violence followed second for both sexes as well.

According to a 2009 survey of divorcees by the government, the main reason for divorce was differences in personalities, with financial problems coming in at a distant second.

The disparity between the sexes widened between thoughts on dating someone who used to live with another partner.

About 31 percent of men said they would date someone who used to live with another partner while the corresponding number for women was just 16 percent.

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