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Mon, Jan 31, 2011
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Spring-clean your dating life
by Skilldo

Here's a quote I once heard: "Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits."

How true.

If a guy wants to see drastic improvement in this new year when it comes to dating and women, it wouldn't be a new year if his habits and actions with women didn't get some sprucing up.

Let's look at three factors that require you to act differently - place, people, and time.

 To begin with, what new places will you be going to meet new women?

Your office and home are not counted of course, unless you have a constant flow of female staff or you keep having new female neighbours.

Look beyond the usual places you always find yourself in and seek out new ones that women frequent often. Try going to a yoga class for a start.

Second, who are the new people you will be hanging out with to optimise your chances with women?

If you frequently hang with the same trio of drinking buddies, which hardly gives you the opportunity to meet new people, then the group is a 'sealed group' that will allow little change for social network expansion.

You may not want to 'unfriend' these folks but you should also look for people who are "vectors" for expanding your circle of friends.

This is why I adore people who hold house parties or chalets for the most unusual reasons - passed their driving test, celebrating a career move etc, they regularly invite a bunch of folks who are not already in your social circle.

Lastly, what new things are you going to focus on with your time?

Start with an hour-by-hour analysis of what you currently do with your available time outside of work.

Yes, account for each hour, and check how many of those things done during such available time - are valuable in advancing your chances for getting to know more women.

Be critically honest.

If you're like most guys in Singapore, you might find that you are either wasting your time with those errands, or they are not helpful at all in improving your dating life.

Reducing the unhelpful time-wasters and putting your focus on a task or two daily that gets you closer to befriending more women is essential.

The first two factors are heavily dependent on how well you use your time.

By being aware of these three factors, you will find that 2011 is truly a new year for you.

About the writer:

Skilldo is an 'ex-unhappy' Singaporean guy - who grew from being lonely,
dateless and single... into breaking out of it, and obtained a fulfilling
social life in meeting, dating and entering satisfying relationships with

He is the author of 'The Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter'. A
locally-focused guide for Singapore men to approach, date and successfully
attract the type of women they want for themselves.

He maintains a website containing secrets and training for men at -

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