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Fri, Jul 20, 2012
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Fuss-free shirts for sharp execs
by Chan Choong Han

WHO doesn’t love a good shirt that needs no ironing?

Working professionals have long adored non-iron – or wrinkle free – shirts, saying they are a godsend. All one needs to do is wash the garment, dry it on a line or in a dryer, and it’s ready to wear.

Marketing executive Jonathan Lu, 29, recently took to the trend.

“I used to spend over half an hour ironing my shirts every week,” he said. “(It) didn’t help that I’m a perfectionist, always making sure every corner was just right.”

He began using non-iron shirts two months ago, and currently owns six of these shirts.

“Now I just line-dry shirts after washing, and I can put them on straightaway,” he enthused.

Well, good news for those like Mr Lu: There are more brands offering non-iron options.

Brooks Brothers has had non-iron clothing options in stores since 1999, and the line now comes in a variety of fits, from Regular to Extra Slim. The shirts feature pucker-free seams and are specially treated to stay virtually wrinkle free.

Marks & Spencer, too, has long had non-crease options for both shirts and pants, which are popular due to their affordable prices and the variety available.

T.M. Lewin introduced its range of non-iron shirts in Singapore last month. The shirts are made with a fabric treated with a special formula, which makes the fibres hardy and difficult to bend during washing.

Demand for Uniqlo’s wrinkle- free range is increasing, said Mr Yasuhiro Hayashi, 38, marketing manager of Uniqlo Singapore.

The range appeals especially to travellers who want to look smart and stylish – with minimum effort – while on the road. And how does one care for a non-iron shirt? Most brands recommend washing the garment in warm water, using a regular setting on a washing machine, with similar-coloured clothes.

T.M. Lewin advises that the shirt then be hung from a shirt hanger to dry, with the top button fastened. This helps to maintain the shape of the shirt.

If you decide to wash the load overnight, just before you head to bed, you will have to iron the shirt after it dries. Still, all that is needed is a light ironing on low heat, and it’ll be perfect and ready to wear.

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Put away the iron, and wear these

This brand’s Non Iron Gingham Shirt is all about
versatility. It can go from day to night – depending
on the styling. Who says you can’t be
office-ready and party-ready at the same time?
Price: $100
Available: At Banana Republic in Paragon and
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
The men’s Easy Care Oxford shirts have
undergone wrinkle-resistant treatments that
simplify care after washing. Wear it done up
with some trousers, shoes and belt for a smart
look, or just wear it casual, with comfy jeans.
Price: $49.90
Available: At all Uniqlo outlets
Look perfectly dapper with zero effort, with this
brand’s Ultimate Non-Iron shirts and creaseresistant
trousers. Perfect for the jet-setting,
fast-paced young exec.
Price: $79 for a shirt, $69 to $79 for a
pair of trousers
Available: At all Marks & Spencer outlets
In addition to a wrinkle-free appearance
throughout the day, this shirt more than pays for
itself, because owners have the ability to
home-launder the garment with minimal
shrinkage and colour change.
Price: $185 for men, $199 for women
Available: At all Brooks Brothers outlets
Look smart and
bright with this
line of pastelcoloured
shirts by
To retain the
colour, do not
bleach them.
They require machine-washing, and
tumble- or line-drying, before you’re
good to go.
Price: $119
Available: At all Goldlion outlets, and
counters in department stores, such as
Robinsons and BHG
These non-iron shirts, new to the T.M.
Lewin range, are made using the finest
cotton fibres. Check these shirts out
and experience their fantastic drape
and silky-soft feel.
Price: $149 each, or $109 when you buy
three or more ties, shirts or cufflinks
Available: At all T.M. Lewin outlets

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