updated 14 Dec 2012, 05:19
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Fri, Jul 27, 2012
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Is this the end of 'Robsten'?

Kristen Stewart's boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson has reportedly moved out of their Los Angeles home following Kristen's public apology for cheating on him.

The 26-year-old actor spent a couple of days to process the news before moving his belongings out, according to a source who spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times. Robert has also reportedly cut of all contact with Kristen for the time being, reported

Robert has mentioned how he feels about infidelity with Vanity Fair in April. He said: "There's a thing I've never got. That is - why do people cheat?" He added that he wasn't the "casual affair kind of guy" and is "100 per cent with it" when in a relationship. It will be a hard task for Kristen to patch things up with him.

It had been the perfect romance for Twi-hards. Their favourite on-screen couple getting together in real life, and they nicknamed the couple 'Robsten'. However on Tuesday, celebrity magazine Us Weekly announced that it had exclusive pictures of Kristen and her Snow White director Rupert Sanders making out last week. Fans and gossip rags were speculating about the authenticity and dividing into teams supporting Kristen or Robert.

Stewart reportedly begged a photographer not to publish the photos, and failing that she was "forced" to own up to Rob late last week. Robert and Kristen were reportedly seen fighting backstage at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, reported Fox News. The source said that they were seen having a "long and intense" conversation backstage.

And then on Wednesday, both Kristen and Rupert issued a public apology about their affair. Rupert's wife and Stewart's Snow White co-star Liberty Ross sent a few cryptic tweets before deleting her Twitter account, US entertainment news sites reported. She reportedly wrote: "Wow" and "sometimes bad things fall apart so better things can fall together".

Rupert's father Michael Sanders has spoken out in his defence, saying that their marriage would survive the scandal. "It is all a lot of fuss about nothing," he said to People magazine. Rupert and Liberty have two children, Skyla, seven, and Tennyson, five.

The photographs show Kristen and Rupert making out at a lookout and in a car. The series of shots also show Rupert touching Kristen sensually. It is believed that Kristen had been driving to the US$6m (S$7.51m) home she shared with Robert when she received a phone call and headed in a different direction. The photographer then followed her and discovered she was meeting Rupert, reported the Daily Mail.

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