updated 25 Oct 2012, 18:50
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Wed, Oct 17, 2012
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Paris Jackson doesn't let fame get to her head

HOLLYWOOD - She may be music royalty's first daughter, but Paris Jackson, 14, has her head screwed on tight.

The only daughter of the "king of pop", Michael Jackson, explained to ET Online last week how she has dealt with the media attention since her birth.

"Stay humble. Don't let things get to your head."

The teenager, who's looking to become an actress, was the focus at the launch of a new energy drink, alongside her siblings Prince and Blanket, and her aunt, LaToya.

But don't expect her to follow in the heels of the other famous showbiz family - the Kardashians.

When asked about a possible reality show deal, Paris told ET Online: "No. I'd like to keep some parts of our lives private, you know?"

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