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Mon, Oct 29, 2012
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'I'm not very fashion-forward': Lana Del Rey
by Juliana June Rasul

Lana Del Rey's a bonafide fashion star.

Whatever you may think of the sombre love songs in her debut album which was released in January, the girl's a stunner.

She stands out in the crowded pop scene of colour-mad, kitsch-loving singers with her old-school Hollywood glamour, complete with wavy tresses, heavy eye lashes and a signature pout.

That pout - the subject of many online arguments on whether it's real or enhanced by lip injections - and the exaggerated glamour of her look has made some in the music world turn on her for looking fake.

But the fashion world is downright in love.

The singer behind the hits Video Games and Blue Jeans is the face of H&M's new fall campaign.

And barely a month after her debut Born To Die was launched, UK brand Mulberry presented the Del Rey bag at their fall 2012 show in London.

But Del Rey, 26, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant, thinks she's "not a very fashion-forward person".

"I'm a quiet-fashion person," said the US singer, who was in town for the launch of Mulberry's first Asian flagship store at the Mandarin Gallery on Wednesday night.

She also did a short set of her songs at Spanish restaurant Catalunya.

How long does it take?

That look she puts on for her public appearances takes all of 35 minutes to do, and she does it herself, she revealed.

"It's mostly the hair," she said with a laugh, referring to the pomp she wore for her interview with The New Paper at the Four Seasons Hotel on Thursday.

"It's all the teasing."

She did not know which brand the dress she had on came from, only that the words ACL appeared on the label.

She paired it with a pair of red American Apparel sneakers.

Her glamorous but young and unpretentious style has some fashion blogs going gaga over her. But Del Rey seems unimpressed with her own style.

"I always do my hair and my make-up and I like a lot of gold things," she said, fingering a delicate bangle on her right wrist.

"But other than that, I wear jeans and I love American Apparel," she added, referring to the US brand known for its solid-coloured basics.

She also favours button-down shirts from US brand Brooks Brothers.

While she struts about in heels on stage and on catwalks, Del Rey usually wears flats and sneakers.

So how did she handle the attention from the fashion world?

"I'm grateful to my friends in fashion who always support me," she said.

The singer is also humbled by the fact that the fashion deals she's made have happened through folks who are fans of her music.

"Being the face of the brand isn't as important as hearing designers in Italy tell me that, every day at 12, they put my record on and start sewing and sketching. That's really cool," she said.

"That's how some deals came through - people listening to my music and coming up to ask if I'd be involved in things."

Mulberry's creative director Emma Hill, who was also in town this week for the store launch, was so obsessed with Del Rey's Video Games music video that she had to meet the singer.

She later designed a structured but soft bag to fit Del Rey's Hollywood glamour.

"She said she listened to the record every day when she was working," said the singer.

Knowing her fashion friends are fans has eased the pressure on Del Rey to act a certain way.

"In a way, they came to support me, so I don't feel that much pressure," she said.

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