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Fri, Nov 16, 2012
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Kate Tsui: "How can I romance three guys at once?"
by Chew Wan Ying

MALAYSIA - The new TVB queen? Maybe. A boyfriend stealer? Definitely not.

On her recent trip to our shores, TVB darling Kate Tsui denied being the cause of the breakup between TVB couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu. Nor is she dating the newly single Leon Lai, she insisted.

"There's zero credibility in the stories. I mean, each publication links me to a different guy.

Who would believe that I romance all of them around the same time?" she questioned, when she was recently in town with fellow TVB stars Pierre Ngo and Sharon Chan for Media Prima Screening 2013.

It was said that love started blossoming between her and Bosco, since they starred as lovers in last year's cop drama Lives of Omission. Meanwhile, she is said to have rekindled her romance with Leon, after the Cantopop megastar split with his wife of four years, Gaile Lok. (Kate and Leon reportedly dated briefly after collaborating in a commercial in 2005.)

The 33-year-old maintained that she is still single. "I know I have a dry love life [laughs], but I've been so busy with work. Please don't link me to any guy anymore. I wouldn't mind it if it’s real [romance]," she said.

All eyes are on the pretty starlet lately, not just because of her rumoured romances with some of Hong Kong's biggest and best-looking stars. The winner of Miss Hong Kong 2004 pageant has risen to become a serious contender for the coveted award of Best Actress in a Leading Role at the upcoming Anniversary Awards, thanks to her much-talked-about performance as a drug addict in Highs and Lows.

"Whenever the annual award show is approaching, there'll be a lot of rumours and speculations," she said, referring to the hook-up rumours. "Most of it is untrue. So I won't be affected and will continue to focus on shooting new drama series and films."

She also sees no need in maintaining a distance with her male co-stars. "There's really nothing between us. It's all for work. I feel the same towards all my male co-stars," she said.

Well, maybe except one: Ron Ng. Kate joked that she is "bored of" him. "We have played lovers for too many times! I think maybe five times?" she wondered.

Back in 2007, she starred as his cousin who harbours a crush on him in The Academy II: On The First Beat. The two would go on to become the new TV couple by starring opposite each other again and again in The Brink of Law, Wax And Wane, Dropping By Cloud Nine (mini series) and Forensic Heroes III.

"I wouldn't want to star opposite him in another drama series anymore," said the actress.

While she agreed that frequent collaborations generate good chemistry between the stars, "three times is more than enough," she said. "It's hard for us to develop new chemistry once we have worked together for so many times," she explained.

The fact that she’s been paired with Ron so frequently points to a problem that TVB, Hong Kong's biggest free-to-air television station, faces: There has been a lack of leading men, since some of its biggest stars, like Bowie Lam and Steven Ma, left to pursue greener pastures—and bigger bucks—in rival station City Telecom and also China, the booming filming hub in the region.

It's no wonder that Kate told the press: "Please recommend more good-looking and talented guys to TVB. We need new blood."


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