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Mon, Nov 26, 2012
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She was molested and ashamed

Q, a Vietnamese woman employed as an administrative executive, was molested twice by her manager. The first time he kissed her on the forehead and said it was part of the training. She did not report it as she did not want to make an issue of this.

The second time, he locked her in a room, pinned her against the wall and tried to lift up her skirt. She eventually managed to escape and ran out of the room.

Thereafter, the manager tried to touch Q whenever he saw her. Q did her best to avoid him in the office.

Q was miserable at work but did not report or tell anyone in the office as she was on an "S Pass" and was afraid to lose her job. She was also not very fluent in English and was not very comfortable communicating in English.

At home, she cried to herself during the period of the harassment. She did not tell her husband what happened as she felt ashamed about the incident.

Her husband was deeply concerned and managed finally to get her to tell him about what had happened. He persuaded her to report to the employer, to make a police report and to come to AWARE.

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