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Mon, Dec 31, 2012
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Oh, the ups and downs of celeb love

This year, we endured too many will-they-won't-theys and oh-my-she-did-whats from celebrity couples we thought were all but married.

Romance has been tough for celebs like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Robsten), Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (Jelena), and Chris Brown and Rihanna (Chrihanna?), but it looks like it has been the season of forgiveness for them.

Then there are pairings that were either so new or so unappealing (or both) that they don't have couple names yet.

Say hi to Taylor Swift and Harry Styles (Twyles?), and John Mayer and Katy Perry (Jerry? Merry? Jaty?) - confirmed through gossip blogs, Twitter and Instagram.

But it's Christmas - everyone's still feeling warm and fuzzy. So place your bets, folks: Will any of these couples last through 2013?


The hearts of Twihards everywhere stopped beating momentarily when news broke in July that Stewart, 22, had cheated on her boyfriend Pattinson, 26, with her married Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Pattinson was so heartbroken he didn't shower for days, but five months on, the couple seem to have kissed and made up.

Various reports state that Stewart is apparently "on probation" until Valentine's Day when Pattinson will make a final decision on the relationship.

To help him keep her in check, he's apparently keen to star with her in another movie, a remake of one that starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

BREAK-UP: Bad, but it also smelled strongly of showmance, a publicity stunt to raise interest for the final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

MAKE-UP: Strangely drama-free.

DID THEY SPEND CHRISTMAS TOGETHER? Yes. They'll be spending New Year's together, too, because Pattinson has to fly off in early January for his next film.

ODDS OF LASTING 'TIL VALENTINE'S: Good, since Stewart is "on probation" until then. Beyond that, we're not so sure, though, since there are no more Twilight movies to promote.


This young power couple split up in November, somewhat less dramatically than Robsten, supposedly over "crazy schedules".

While Bieber's world tour this year could certainly have caused some problems, Gomez, 20, was probably also seriously peeved that Bieber, 18, had befriended Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, during a taping of the show just days before their break-up.

After the break-up, Palvin, 19, and Bieber were spotted at a musical in New York City.

And then, well, Bieber's just way too young for Gomez.

He pursued Gomez relentlessly for forgiveness, following her back to her home after a failed make-up date only to have to slink away from a locked gate.

But his persistence seems to have paid off.

The couple are back together and went on a romantic double date in Utah with fellow young power couple Taylor Swift and Harry Styles (more on them later) last weekend.

For Christmas, Bieber also posted a picture (above) of Gomez from her sexy Elle magazine shoot in July on his Instagram.

Break-up: So-so. A little childish, though not a surprise, given their ages.

Make-up: Still a little tentative. Earlier this month, Gomez blew up about Bieber hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas.

Did they spend Christmas together? Nope, but that picture of Gomez definitely shows she was on his mind.

Odds of lasting 'til Valentine's: Gomez may string Bieber along until one of the One Direction or The Wanted guys start paying attention to her.


How much do we hate this couple? A lot.

First, it's more than a little outrageous that Rihanna, 24, would return to an ex who once abused her.

Second, we are also extremely fatigued by the rumours, the fights, the hinting of their break up/make up on Twitter and Instagram.

The supposed bar brawl between Brown and rumoured Rihanna-ex Drake in June was such a kerfuffle - to this day, no one really knows what happened.

Now we realise its messiness was the harbinger of things to come.

As a gift to the press, perhaps, so that we can put this thing to rest, the pair finally made an official public appearance together at a basketball game on Christmas Day.

They were super touchy-feely - at one point Rihanna buried her face in 23-year-old Brown's neck. Break-up: BAD.

Make-up: BAD. Someone in Rihanna's life should give her one of those posters that read: "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

Did they spend Christmas together? Unfortunately, yes.

Odds of lasting 'til Valentine's: Unfortunately, quite high. They seem determined to believe they are soulmates.


Where this relationship came from, we're not quite sure.

It seems both inevitable and inevitably doomed.

Perry, 28, has not had great luck with men (Gym Class Heroes' Travie McCoy, then ex-husband Russell Brand).

And Mayer, well, do we even need to list the women he has dated, dropped and subsequently embarrassed with his unfiltered thoughts?

(Okay, we'll list them anyway - Vanessa Carlton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift, among others.)

How they got together: They've been playing peek-a-boo with the press and fans since June, when they were first spotted at a restaurant.

It was only when reports surfaced about, of all things, how they were annoying neighbours with the noise they made when they um, canoodled, that it seemed their relationship was the real thing.

In mid-October, they reportedly split up, albeit briefly. Perry was steered back into the 35-year-old Mayer's arms soon after, and they went public at a musical's red carpet in New York City in early December.

Did they spend Christmas together? No doubt about it. On Christmas Day, Perry tweeted a picture (above) of Mayer in a Santa outfit with the caption 'Santa Baby'. Yes, we just threw up a little too.

Odds of lasting 'til Valentine's: Do you not know Mayer's St Patrick's Day? Here's a verse from it.

No way November will see our goodbye / When it comes to December it's obvious why / No one wants to be alone at Christmas time / And come January we're frozen inside / Making new resolutions a hundred times / February, won't you be my Valentine? / And we'll both be safe 'til St Patrick's Day.

You've heard it here folks - it will last until mid-March (St Patrick's Day falls on Mar 17).

Perry's friends and family should start preparing comfort kits now to help her tide over the break-up, because with Mayer, it's always nasty.


It's a well-known fact by now that Swift, 23, is a serial celebrity dater who may or may not be going on dates to gather material for her music.

We were genuinely happy for her this year when she seemed to have found The One with Conor Kennedy, going so far as to shop for a home near the Kennedys.

Then, came the split-up (not surprising), a top-selling album (not surprising) and... Harry Styles from One Direction (very, very surprising).

First, at 18, Styles is five years younger.

Second, a boy band, really? Didn't her experience with Joe Jonas make her realise that boy band boys are usually trouble?

Didn't she sing an entire song on her new album Red about knowing when boys are trouble?

How they got together: A little fast. The first whiff anyone caught of this was when they were spotted backstage at The X Factor US holding hands in mid-November. Since then, it's been a whirlwind of public dates, hand-holding and ski trips.

Did they spend Christmas together? No, but not for trying on Swift's part. Styles apparently turned down her invitation to cosy up over Christmas in Australia. He wanted to spend time with his family and to celebrate bandmate Louis Tomlinson's birthday on Christmas Eve in London.

Odds of lasting 'til Valentine's: Considering Swift's track record, unlikely. Breaking up right before Valentine's Day would make for another great single, no?

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