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Wed, Jan 30, 2013
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New Jovian Femme label launched exclusively on S'pore shopping site
by Niki Bruce

If you love the intricate and feminine designs of one of Malaysia's top fashion designers, Jovian Mandagie, then you'll be excited to learn that his very first casualwear collection, entitled Jovian Femme, will be available on Singapore-based shopping site from January 31, 2013.

Perhaps best known for his elegant, modern yet modest, clothes for "Raya" or Malay celebrations, Jovian is also the creator of some stunning demi-couture and couture pieces as well.

Jovian has worked with stars like Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Anita Sarawak and Erra Fazira, as well as royalty including former HRH Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah (Queen Consort), HRH Tuanku Zara Salim Davidson (The wife of Crown Prince of Perak) and HRH Tuanku Fauziah binti Tengku Abdul Rashid (Queen of the Royal houses of Perlis).

Now branching out into more affordable ready-to-wear lines - Jovian's special collection for Hari Raya Puasa in 2012 sold out almost as soon as it hit websites and stores - you too can snap up a piece of Jovian's elegant fashion.

His Jovian by Jovian Mandagie collection of modest two-piece outfits appropriate for Muslim women, is already available on and comprise elegant looks for day and evening wear at very reasonable prices. They are modern in the use of cut, materials, prints and colours but remain perfectly appropriate.

During a recent visit to Singapore to judge the Ratu beauty pageant organised by TV channel Suria, we had a chance to sit down with the warm and friendly designer to discuss his work and his plans for 2013.

Why are your modest designs so different from the traditional Malay-Muslim outfits?

I suppose it's because I have an awareness of trends, silhouette and the way I use embellishment on my pieces. I love being experimental and I also do a lot of research with my friends and my female family members.

When it came to adding peplums to my Hari Raya collection last year I knew it was a major trend in mainstream fashion, but I worked on the design to ensure that it wasn't too tight, for example.

It's all about respecting what people really want, that's the reason why this collection [the Raya collection] took three years to design. I did my first Raya* collection in 2009 actually, but it was fairly traditional by comparison to the 2012 one.

How do you see the impact of modern design on traditional dress for Malay women?

I want my designs to be worn all the time, I want women to be able to wear them to work and not just for Raya or special occasions. I wanted to include practicality - which comes from using more modern shapes and materials - in my designs. I infused the traditional look with more modern cuts. It's a new era for wearing the Baju Kurung. Women are actually excited again to wear their traditional clothing.

What are you planning for the future?

My ready-to-wear line Jovian Femme is exciting. All the samples for the collection are created in my couture house, so the cutting is the same quality; it's just that the pieces are at a more reasonable price.

I'm also working on my next Raya collection too, I'll be including a 'mini me' collection for girls as well and also men's Baju Raya outfits; no boys yet though.

On top of all that, I'm also planning a store for Singapore in 2014 and will open my Bangsa store in May this year [2013]. I'm really busy!

Fifteen designs from Jovian Femme will be available exclusively at from Thursday, January 31, 2013; prices range from S$89 to S$199 and comes in sizes from XXS to XXL. The Jovian by Jovian Mandagie range of modest outfits is also available on at Prices for these two-piece outfits range from S$180 to S$200, and sizes are from XS to XL. For more information about Jovian Mandagie, go to

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