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Tue, Mar 26, 2013
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Good range of sporting elements

This secret shopper has a confession.

I made a resolution at the start of the year to get fit. Three months in, and let's just say I haven't exactly... started.

Yoga will be my first step, I thought, when the year began. But I never took that first step.

I reckon I need a little motivation. And what better way than to get new clothes for my new, healthy lifestyle!

I found this local-run shop that seemed to have the goods.

Signature style

True to its name, Sports Elements has the little elements you might need to start out in sports.

From water bottles with a rubber grip (so it stays firmly in your sweaty hands) to various yoga mats in different colours and textures, it was all there. They even sell flip-flops - perfect for tired feet after that intense work-out.

I was also impressed with the range of boxing equipment, free-line skates and even kick scooters available.

I could almost imagine myself doing all of those sports - key word being "imagine" of course.

Though, true to form, this secret shopper was mostly interested in the clothes - and there's where it got a little disappointing. There was a limited selection of yoga togs, two racks' worth - and the styles were pretty similar: Most of the tops had razorbacks and low scoop necks.

Maybe a couple of simple tanks with a nice colour or print pattern would be good for us, the not-so-lithe?

There was one that I really liked, however. It was a lime green polka-dotted tank top that had a flared bottom to hide any unsightly fats, especially when one's body is bent in awkward positions.

Price Point

It definitely costs money to be fit, especially if you want to look nice while working at it.

A simple pair of Easyoga grey yoga pants with pink piping costs $129. Of course, I just had to try it on.

Well, for a pair of tight fitting pants, it was, amazingly, very comfortable.

I tried to flex as much as I could (which really isn't much) to test the pair. And admittedly, they did seem like the perfect yoga pants.

I understand that priciness is par for the course when it comes to fancy yoga clothes, but the skinflint in me was screaming her heart out.

The mats were also pricey, although I reckon that a good one is essential to maximise yoga sessions.

They came in lovely floral prints and bright colours like pink and yellow, and they ranged from $79 to $129.

I found myself considering buying one, despite my apparent bellyaching about prices.

Nothing spells motivation more than cheery floral prints especially when you feel as though you are about to expire from the effort of holding your core in.

Store layout

The medium-sized store was well-laid out and there was enough space as I took my time to browse.

I did wish however that the items were displayed according to their sport and were labelled as such.

That way I would immediately know which side of the store would sell yoga-related things or skating accessories.


The service was nothing to shout about.

The sales person wasn't very attentive to me as I entered the store. And she answered my enquiries in a monotonous tone. Cold, man, it was cold.


If you're looking out to try new sports, this might also be worth a visit for its range of gear.


WHAT: Sports Elements
WHERE: #01-78, Square 2
WHEN: Daily, 10.30am to 9.30pm

HISTORY: Sports Elements was started out in 2000 by two brothers, Ben and Victor Soh. They now have two other branches at West Coast Plaza and HarbourFront Centre.

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