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Wed, Apr 24, 2013
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So I kissed a girl: Myolie Wu addresses lesbian rumour

Hong Kong media have fallen over themselves to speculate over TVB star Myolie Wu's sexual proclivities after spotting her getting "intimate" with another woman. The two ladies were out in the open, in the middle of the night, and they were seen touching each other's breasts and then kissing one another.

According to witnesses and photographs, Myolie—who last year dumped her womanising boyfriend of eight years, Bosco Wong—was out at a pub in central Hong Kong with an unknown female. The 33-year-old actress looked as if she was having a heart-to-heart talk with her girlfriend.

Myolie was sobbing at one point as she buried her face in her hands, and her companion was trying to comfort her, stroking her face and rubbing her shoulders.

What happened next is what set tongues wagging—Myolie unbuttoned her blouse and pointed at her chest. Her friend did the same thing and they began to prod at each other's breasts. They stayed together until 2AM before walking out hand-in-hand.

Myolie then kissed her girlfriend on the lips and embraced her, before getting into a taxi.

Myolie has—sorry to break your hearts, boys (and some of you girls, too)—laughed off the lesbian rumours and expressed her surprise at how an innocent girls night out with an old schoolmate could turn so dramatic.

"It's obvious that was a goodbye kiss," she said, adding that her mate is straight. She said that they were talking about breast cancer, because one of her other girlfriends had gone through a medical scare. "We were discussing it, it's something every woman would understand," Myolie stressed.

She also insisted she wouldn't fall for another woman because, "I think I'm 100% into guys, although I have many gay friends." She hasn't been short of potential new boyfriends either. Since her split from Bosco, reports have linked her to Taiwanese TV actor Eric Huang and Saving General Yang star Yu Bo.

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