updated 5 Mar 2014, 12:39
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Fri, Feb 28, 2014
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Thicke-headed guy, that Robin
by Jason Johnson

I have a certain amount of pity for excessively sexy guys like US singer Robin Thicke.

Here is a fellow who probably can't leave his house without women hurtling themselves at him like wolves on a caribou.

Being irresistible to chicks might seem like a dream come true, but I would imagine it makes it very difficult to have a stable relationship with just one woman.

Even a perfect woman, such as US actress Paula Patton.

Thicke and Patton separated on Tuesday after nine years of marriage, and the number of people who were surprised by this turn of events is approximately zero.

The naked dancers in his Blurred Lines video probably aren't surprised.

His twerking buddy Miley Cyrus probably isn't surprised.

The girl whose butt he groped at last year's MTV Video Music Awards after-party probably isn't surprised.

The French beauty he dirty-danced with at a Paris nightclub last month probably isn't surprised.

Something tells me there are lots of other girls out there who've been reading about Thicke's break-up and thinking, "Yup, that makes complete and total sense."

I'm not trying to be judgmental.

I think that many, if not most, men would behave very badly if suddenly granted Thicke's unfettered access to comely female flesh.

That said, I think that Thicke himself could have handled himself a lot better over the past year.

If a guy knows that girls will constantly be after him, shouldn't he make a slightly greater effort to stay out of their proximity?

A man who is forever surrounded by willing sex bombs cannot possibly expect to have a successful monogamous relationship.

Men are simply not equipped to deal with such temptation in a reliable fashion.


Those of us men who like women, like women a lot, and the only thing keeping most of us from acting on our desires is that women don't like us just as much.

If you want to have a simple life and a happy marriage, it's actually a blessing to be ordinary-looking.

Stunners like Thicke don't have it as easy.

They must make a conscious effort to be a little boring, to stay home with the wife and kid (Thicke and Patton have a three-year-old son) instead of traipsing off to the club.

The high school sweethearts have been together for more than 20 years. It could have been a romance for the ages, a fairy tale. Instead, the couple are going through that most depressingly humdrum of spectacles - a celebrity split.

It's sad, is what it is.

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