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Mon, Aug 19, 2013
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Rosa Park's beauty secrets
by Stacey Chia

Rosa Park, 33

The South Korean ballerina is a senior artist with the Singapore Dance Theatre, which she joined in 2009. She will have two lead roles in the company's next production, Masterpiece In Motion, which runs at the Esplanade Theatre from Aug 23 to 24.

What is the one beauty product you cannot step out of the house without?

I use eye make-up every day, even during training.

I will always have Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, Dior waterproof eyeliner and cotton buds with me, just in case I need a touch-up. But I have never had to reapply them as they really stay on, even after about seven hours of perspiring. I do not use foundation during training as it will not last, so eye make-up helps me look made up.

What is the one grooming service you cannot do without?

It is a common misconception that all ballet dancers have ugly feet and nails. I get regular manicures and pedicures but I have to keep my toenails round and short, if not it will be hard to wear my pointe shoes. I cannot sport brightly coloured fingernails during performances.

I do not have a particular salon that I go to - just any salon which is convenient.

What is your favourite perfume?

Because I perspire a lot, I avoid sweet scents. I always feel like insects are going to be attracted to me. I use Dior's Pure Poison every day for its fresh scent.

What, in your opinion, is the best beauty invention?

The eyelash curler, because I have long lashes that point straight down.

Instead of curling all the lashes at one go, I curl different parts separately. I start from the inner corner and move out. It looks more natural this way.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have done in the name of beauty?

Nothing. As a ballerina, I cannot be too adventurous. I would like to cut my hair short but I cannot, because I need to have it up in a bun. I cannot get a tan either; otherwise, I will stand out too much from the other dancers.

What is the best beauty tip anyone has given you?

My fellow dancers taught me how to make my nose look really sharp by using light brown eyeshadow on the sides. Putting darker foundation on the outer edges of your face also helps to make it look narrower. The fun part of our job is also helping one another with make-up backstage.

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