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Mon, Sep 02, 2013
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It's the Serina Wee show
by Catherine Robert

Singapore - There's a new show in town - and it unfolds every morning outside the Subordinate Courts at Havelock Square.

That's when Serina Wee, 36, one of the six City Harvest Church (CHC) leaders accused of misusing church funds, shows up in her latest outfit, drawing glances and stares from the onlookers.

Thanks to her looks and dress sense, CHC's former finance manager has become a talking point among netizens.

Several articles have been posted on websites such as parody news site New Nation and Rockson Tan's blog, praising her poise and sense of style.

Someone has even set up a Facebook page, updating it with the latest photos of her appearing at the Subordinate Courts. The page has garnered over 600 "likes" so far for the woman one netizen called "The Goddess of Nectar and All Things Divine".

Her sense of style was on show once again yesterday morning when she arrived for her trial in a fitted sleeveless white dress with black piping.

When Wee spotted photographers and reporters as she was about to walk up the steps to the courthouse, she broke her stride to give her outfit one last look to make sure everything was in its place before the cameras started clicking.

Mr Ahmad Farhan, 26, a bystander who was engrossed by Wee's entrance, said: "She's really hot. It's her hair that just makes her so sexy".

Strutting in three-inch covered black heels secured to her ankle with a thick strap, she clutched her Italian Furla handbag under her right arm with the sling over her shoulder as she made her way to the courthouse entrance for the security check before heading up to meet her lawyer.

Another admirer, public relations executive Shaun Chan, said that when he receives news updates on his mobile phone every morning, one of the first things he looks out for is the latest on the CHC trial.

But he is more interested in finding out about Wee than about the details being revealed in court.

"She's really quite 'chio' (pretty in Hokkien)," Mr Chan, 33, said.

"It's understandable why people are not bothered about the details of the case. (They'll) wait until the verdict is announced, then everyone will care again. But for now, she is the new (attraction) that people are happy with."

Wee's entourage at the courthouse is all too aware of the attention she is getting.


When they were taking the lift at the courthouse earlier this week, her friends were overheard telling her jokingly that she should get fashion labels to sponsor her outfits-of-the-day because of the publicity they would get.

Lawyer Gloria James felt that the attention given to what people wear (during trials) started with Ms Cecilia Sue, the prosecution's star witness in the sex-for-contracts trial in which former Central Narcotics Bureau director Ng Boon Gay was acquitted of corruption.

Ms James, who is not involved in the CHC trial, said: "I feel that it's the press giving (Wee) attention, especially the photographers.

"She is getting 'unwanted attention' or maybe she's going with the American style (of how big cases work). Whenever there's a big case, they usually always dress up.

"I've seen the press chasing her for pictures when I was working on the Shane Todd case. Even some lawyers were taking pictures of her."

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