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Tue, Sep 17, 2013
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Does she want to be a nun?

China - China's A-list couple Faye Wong and Li Yapeng announced their divorce on Friday.

The disclosure on her Weibo page was reposted more than 70,000 times and attracted almost 30,000 comments from her shocked fans within half an hour, reported the South China Morning Post.

The couple flew to China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region - where Li was born - to go through the divorce procedure.

Who are they?

Wong, 44, is a singer and actress known for her "ice queen" image and pristine vocals. The Heavenly Queen took a break from showbiz in 2005, but returned with a comeback concert tour in 2010.

Li, 41, is an actor known for starring in TV adaptations of Louis Cha's wuxia novels. His last film was Eternal Moment in 2011.

The two married in 2005. They have a seven-year-old daughter, Li Yan, who was born with a cleft lip.

In 2006, they set up the Smile Angel Foundation to help children born with the birth defect.

As recently as May this year, a photo of their family looking happy was shared online. They were celebrating the girl's birthday with their celebrity-couple friends Carina Lau and husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai, as well as singer Na Ying and husband Meng Tong.

Why are they divorcing?

Rumour 1: Wong, a devout Buddhist, was troubled by Li's wayward ways, running up bills at nightclubs which he paid with his credit cards.

Rumour 2: Li has been seeing a third party. In 2007, he was reportedly photographed holding hands with Chinese actress Miao Pu.

Some say the third party is a florist, and a photo of them together has been uploaded online.

Rumour 3: Wong wants to become a nun, and plans to do so in Tibet after next year's Chinese New Year.

Rumour 4: Wong was disliked by Li's mother, who comes from a traditional background.

Rumour 5: Wong doesn't want to have any more children, but Li does.

What they said on Weibo on Friday evening

Wong: "Our relationship as a couple ends here. I'm OK. You, take care."

Li: "I need a family, but you are destined to be a legend. I miss all the best times of the past decade. I still love you as I have always have, but I'm sorry that letting it go is the only thing I can do now."

What's next?

Their daughter will live with Li.

Their charity foundation will not be affected by their divorce.

They have no property together, so there is no issue of splitting of property.

Their past love lives

This is Wong's second divorce. She previously married rocker Dou Wei in 1996, but split in 1999. They have a 16-year-old daughter. Wong has also dated actor Nicholas Tse and has been romantically linked to singer Leon Lai.

Li was previously in a relationship with Chinese actress Zhou Xun.

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