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Mon, Mar 02, 2009
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Cecilia Cheung speaks up for first time after scandal
by Gan Kai Ling

A DAY before the Edison Chen circus hit Singapore, one of his 'women' revealed how she had become a virtual prisoner in her own home since the sex photo scandal broke in January last year.

It was the first time that Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has opened up on how the scandal has affected her.

She broke into tears during an exclusive interview in Hong Kong with i-Cable Entertainment News anchorman and friend Au Wing Kyun on Thursday evening.

'I accepted my mistake, I have imprisoned myself, and I have not gone out to meet the public for a year,' she revealed in the interview.

Asked about her past relationship with Edison, she said someone was dishonest and not dependable, causing distress to several female celebrities.

On Tuesday, Edison told a special hearing in Canada, where he lives now, that Gillian Chung, Cecilia, Bobo Chan and Rachel Ngan were some of the women seen in the sex photos that leaked on the Internet after his laptop was sent for repair.

Computer technician Sze Ho Chun, 24, is on trial in Hong Kong for allegedly circulating the images.

Grateful for support

During the interview, Cecilia also expressed gratitude for the support from her in-laws, Patrick Tse Yin and Deborah Lai, and her husband Nicholas Tse.

Breaking down in tears, she exclaimed: 'It is impossible to find a husband as great as him.'

Her pictures with Edison were taken before she married Nicholas in 2006.

As for her career, Cecilia said she will continue to act if she comes across an excellent script. But if she becomes pregnant, taking care of the newborn will be her top priority.

The couple have a son who's about a year old.

Cecilia, who used to be known for her sex appeal, praised her in-laws as scoring 'over 100 points'.

In response, Patrick reportedly commented: 'Cecilia is such a wonderful daughter-in-law. I love her to bits. It is very rare that a young girl like her is willing to sacrifice so much for love.

'Sometimes, I can't help but ask her, 'What kind of human being are you?' Right now, she is my super daughter-in-law, I give her more than 100 points!'

While attending a separate event on Tuesday, Cecilia's sister-in-law, Jennifer Tse, expressed her acceptance: 'Everybody has a past. I love her, she is wonderful. She is a great mum and lovely daughter-in-law.'

On Thursday, Cecilia's husband Nicholas appeared relaxed when he was asked how he felt about Cecilia's mention in the court trial.

He casually put his arms around a reporter and said with a smile: 'Let's talk some other time.'

Emerging one hour later from a photo studio, he posed with one hand in his pocket and allowed reporters to take as many pictures as they wanted, and waved goodbye before leaving in his manager's car.

In March last year, in a press conference to address the scandal, he proclaimed total acceptance of Cecilia, saying: 'I knew her past even before marrying her.'

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