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Wed, Sep 25, 2013
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Carina Lau's marriage on the rocks?

After Faye Wong's announcement of her divorce from Chinese actor Lee Yapeng two weeks ago, the media spotlight has turned to her good friend, Hong Kong actress Carina Lau.

According to China News, Taiwanese media recently reported that Lau's marriage to actor Tony Leung is also on the rocks.

Lau took to her microblog on Sep 21, reportedly to clarify rumours that Leung has been cheating on her.

She wrote: "Every situation has many facets. Don't just believe everything you see, analyse them carefully and in detail. Goodnight!"

Some netizens speculated that her comments referred to Wong's shocking divorce announcement, but others believe they were directed at recent media reports about Chinese actress Zhou Xun being the third party in Lau's marriage to Leung.

Zhou's widely rumoured romance with singer-actor Nicholas Tse was also alleged to be a smokescreen for the illicit affair.

However, according to China News, Lau had previously addressed the rumour, saying: "They have connected previously on numerous occasions, it is only natural that they have become friends."

Added Lau: "Being in this business, such rumours have trailed us for 20 years. I have gotten used to it and learnt to ignore them. I trust my husband 100 per cent. True love is one that is not easily torn apart."

Rumours of Zhou being pregnant have also been deflated after news broke that she recently began shooting a six-month long production for a Chinese serial.

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