updated 30 Nov 2013, 04:33
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Wed, Nov 27, 2013
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'We're not enemies': Carina Lau takes photo with "love rival" Maggie Cheung to dispel rumours

Carina Lau proved she is not on bad terms with Maggie Cheung, long rumoured to be her rival for the affection of Tony Leung, by taking a photo with her and uploading it online.

Speculation of a feud among the two women sparked off when Leung and Cheung were said to have something going on between them while filming a TVB drama, Police Cadet, back in 1984.

Despite the rumours, nothing happened between the two co-stars.

After filming Wong Kar Wai's Days of Being Wild in 1989, Tony and Carina were officially recognised as a dating couple.

In 2000, romantic rumours between Tony and Maggie re-surfaced after they worked together yet again for the production of In the Mood for Love.

At the recent Golden Horse Awards, there was also speculation on a love triangle between the three, which reportedly made Leung unhappy as it came across as a publicity stunt for the awards ceremony, reported Apple Daily via Asian Pop News.

At the red carpet of the Golden Horse Awards, Maggie did not bump into Carina and Tony despite showing up only 10 minutes later than them.

Maggie was also seated at the back while Tony and Carina took the seats in the front row.

To prevent the rumours from escalating, Carina posted a photo of herself with Maggie on her Weibo.

From the reflection in Carina's sunglasses, the person who took the photo looked like Tony, but it was later clarified that it was her assistant.

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