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Thu, Oct 03, 2013
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So bad, it's good
by Jeanmarie Tan

When the most boundary-pushing, outrageously dressed music divas congregated at the two-day iHeart- Radio Music Festival in Sin City two weeks ago, one expects nothing less than all-out crazy fashion.

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, but these shock-and-awe ensembles deserve to make their rounds just purely for their so-bad-it's-good factor.

The desperation in the air's palpable via the photographs, and the sartorial insanity is obviously contagious as I'm at risk of sacrificing my fashion cred here.

One word: iHeart!

1) Katy Perry, 28, took a leaf out of Miley Cyrus' hairstyle book and wore her tresses in cartoonish Minnie Mouse-meets- Princess Leia double top knots.

Add to that a purple leather cut-out bustier with criss-cross buckle strap detailing, pleated plaid skirt, knee pads and sneakers, and you get a bondage-loving schoolgirl begging to be spanked.

2) Breaking up with her actor-fiance Liam Hemsworth has caused Cyrus, 20, to be afflicted with a serious condition - a deathly allergy to clothes - and the whole world is being forced to witness the side effects.

Modesty be damned, as she opted for a white mesh netted pullover with sleeves that looked like they were ripped off a polar bear, worn over black and white knickers and black nipple pasties.

It's yet another scandalous, near-naked display from Cyrus that we can never, to quote her duet partner Robin Thicke's mum, "unsee".

But major points for topping her MTV Video Music Awards flesh-coloured latex braand- undies combo in terms of sheer tackiness and tastelessness.

3) Rock chick Avril Lavigne, 29, is in her element.

Maybe I'm nostalgic over her Ska8er Boi days, but I dig everything about this goth-punk look comprising black Ramones T-shirt with feathered shoulders, red pleated mini-skirt, heavy black combat boots, red eye make-up and even the half-cornrow hairdo.

4) You can always count on Ke$ha, 26, to bring on the wild and wacky 24/7.

As another member of the Miley Cyrus pants-less club, she literally kicked the event into high gear in a black glitter-bombed leather- latex leotard that's so high-cut, it probably required a special wax job beforehand.

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readers' comments
Katy is always fun to be around with ... technically her MVs. She just has a style that makes people happy.

It will be fun to see Avril has a kid and stay punk at 40s ... Pink and Cyndi Lauper did it ...

For Miley, you're close to (or already) a stripese in my view. No young girls need to be dressed like you to be 'recognised'.

Kesha, my mobile's ringtone is still your 'tik tok' years after years :D
Posted by mystrawberry on Thu, 3 Oct 2013 at 14:55 PM

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