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Sat, Nov 16, 2013
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Heavier but sexier
by Charlene Chua

She was never the maternal type, but she is now a mum and proud of it.

In May, US model-host Lisa Selesner - better known as Lisa S - and her husband, Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu, welcomed a daughter.

Raven weighed 3.6kg and was delivered via caesarean operation.

In August, the blissful parents shared a photo of their family on social media.

But the couple, who got hitched in 2010 and are based in Hong Kong, emphasised that they would protect their firstborn from media scrutiny.

Selesner, however, couldn't help sharing with The New Paper about her new life during an interview at The Fullerton Bay Hotel on Tuesday.

She was in town to promote the fourth season of reality TV modelling series Supermodelme Femme Fatale, which premieres on Nov 18 at 8pm on Diva Universal (StarHub Ch 522).

Wu, 39, and Raven had accompanied Selesner to Singapore and were hanging out in her hotel room while she met with reporters.

Selesner, 38, said: "We are taking Raven to the US with us for the Christmas and New Year holidays, so we wanted to do a mini test run first.

"So her plane ride to Singapore from Hong Kong was her very first one."

1) New body

She joked that Raven was not the only new addition to the family.

Selesner, who talked about her flat chest in a 2011 interview, has been enjoying her bigger breasts.

She went from cup size AA to DD during her pregnancy.

She stopped breastfeeding last month.

She does not know her present cup size, just that she's "a lot bigger" than before.

"I'm enjoying lingerie for the first time because I never used to be able to fill them out as I didn't have breasts, hips or a butt.

"I feel much sexier now after putting on 10 pounds (4.5kg), and Daniel thinks so too."

The changes, however, have not all been good.

"The only thing is I went up two shoe sizes too when I was pregnant.

"Although I have come down one shoe size, my over 200 pairs of designer shoes don't fit any more.

"What's more, I'm not a young mother, so the skin on my stomach is so loose that now I have to wear two pairs of Spanx (a brand of undergarments which shapes the body)."

2) New challenges

Being a mother has been an uphill task for Selesner.

And she admitted to being "terrible" at the role.

She said: "I don't like kids, never liked other people's kids. I'm not maternal at all.

"I'm so lucky to have help.

My confinement nanny who we hired for the first month is still with us, but I'm freaking out because she will be leaving at the end of the month. I'm thankful she followed us here."

Not that Selesner isn't trying her best.

"But being a mum, I now love my daughter so much that I can't bear to be away from her for long.

"Daniel asked me if I felt jealous that he loves Raven so much.

"I told him that if I were jealous of that, then there's something really wrong with me as I am crazy about her too.

"I'm also the bad cop and insist that Raven goes to sleep by 9pm. Daniel's always like, 'You're so mean'."

She plans to have another child after Raven turns one.

The family is looking to move to the US in the future as Selesner wants Raven to attend school there.

3) New season

Selesner plays host, judge and mentor in the fourth season of Supermodelme.

The TV series was shot in Hong Kong and filming began after she gave birth.

She previously helmed the third season, which was shot in Singapore.

Twelve models from across Asia will be put through a series of gruelling challenges.

The winner will get a cash prize of $35,000.

Selesner, who started her modelling career at 14, said she opened up to the contestants about the tough time she had in the industry.

She hopes that Raven will not follow in her parents' footsteps.

"If Raven wants to be a model or actress or just wants a career in entertainment, you can bet your bottom dollar that Daniel and I will try our best to talk her out of it.

"It's a really tough industry filled with so much rejection.

We really don't want her to go through all that.

"You can't help looking the way you look. Imagine being judged all the time on what God gave you.

"But we will support her no matter what she decides, even if it's being a model.

"Be it an artist, a thinker, a painter, whatever, as long as it fulfils her, it fulfils us.

"I wish I could carry her around on a golden pillow her whole life though."

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