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Tue, Dec 10, 2013
Simply Her
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Best parts about being Tan Kheng Hua's daughter
by Cheryl Leong

Having a liberal mother…

I love that Mum's so accepting of me - she always hears me out. I'm never afraid to tell her if I feel strongly about something.

Sharing a love of theatre...

I grew up with theatre, but have never felt pressured by my parents to follow their path. I genuinely enjoy performing and have been on stage - acting in Christmas pantomimes yearly - since I was young.

When I got into the School Of The Arts, my parents were very supportive; Mum even teared up.

Talking about everything…

There isn't much self-censorship in our home - my parents don't even censor themselves when they talk to their friends, even if I'm around! (Laughs)

We don't talk about sex per se, but it's not taboo either. They recently took me to watch Shun-kin (a Japanese play about love, cruelty and erotic obsession).

Mum said there were going to be scenes where the puppets would be making love and some dark, violent themes. I think of it purely as art.

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