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Sat, Nov 30, 2013
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She is a goddess
by Charlene Chua

He has been dubbed Cecilia Cheung's hunky Singaporean boyfriend.

Mr Hero Zhang did not know it until Nov 7 - his birthday - when he woke up in his Toa Payoh home and was shocked by several messages on his mobile phone.

His friends were eager to tell him about the "juicy headlines" on entertainment news websites in China and Hong Kong. One headline screamed "Cecilia's new Singaporean toy boy".

The visuals that were splashed on the sites featured Mr Zhang and the Hong Kong-based Chinese-British actress hanging out at East Coast Park.

The pictures had been taken from Mr Zhang's blog, which he had uploaded earlier this month. In two of the photos, he and Cheung, 33, appeared close as they posed for his selfies.

Mr Zhang had also posted solo pictures he had taken of the single mum of two, looking radiant in the sun while enjoying water sports. There are also pictures of them having drinks with friends at a local restaurant.

When we tracked down Mr Zhang, he was initially reluctant to talk.

He said he wanted to protect her privacy because she is a celebrity. But he finally caved in when we wanted to clarify his nationality.

1. Who is Hero Zhang?

Mr Zhang, 26, a China-born performer at Universal Studios Singapore, told The New Paper over the phone on Monday: "I am not Singaporean.

"That's why I found it ironic when the media in China and Hong Kong called me a Singaporean.

"Even the reports in Singapore all said I was Singaporean and everyone was wondering who I was.

"I was born in Beijing."

He is here on a work pass and has applied for permanent residence.

He added that he's "good friends" with Cheung.

Mr Zhang came to Singapore four years ago after he graduated from the Capital Institute of Physical Education in Beijing.

His professor at the institute had told him that Universal Studios Singapore was a good place to work so he packed up and came here.

One of the zones Mr Zhang performs at is called Ancient Egypt at the Resorts World Sentosa theme park. He declined to elaborate.

2. Are they dating?

Said Mr Zhang: "I like her, I really like her. She is a goddess who looks beautiful without make-up.

"My favourite features of hers?

"Her eyes and lips."

When asked if he was courting her at the moment, he replied: "No comment".

Mr Zhang said that what he also loved about Cheung was that she is a kind person who does lots of volunteer work in Singapore.

"We like to spend time playing water sports and eating together.

"While my favourites are chicken rice and oyster omelette, Cecilia loves laksa.

"And she doesn't have to diet (to have a great figure), she just eats whatever she likes in moderation."

3. How did they meet?

He said he first met Cheung a few months ago at East Coast Park, where he often goes to water-ski. Cheung loves wake-boarding.

The second time they met was when she was here for a lengthy vacation at the end of last month.

He declined to comment on how they keep in touch when they are not in the same country.

Said Mr Zhang: "When I first saw her (a few months ago), I recognised her, went up to her and started talking about water sports. "She was very nice and friendly and had no airs at all.

"We found out we could really talk and we chatted for a long time about everything under the sun.

"A few weeks ago, when she came here for another holiday, we went to East Coast Park again."


She divorced Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse in 2011 after a five-year marriage. They have two sons, Lucas, six and Quintus, three.

In 2008, when Hong Kong actor Edison Chen's laptop was hacked, pictures of a naked Cheung, who dated Chen previously, were leaked online. Even though Cheung survived the scandal with her popularity relatively unscathed, her marriage did not.

Other boyfriends

Cecilia Cheung has been linked to a few men since her 2011 divorce from Nicholas Tse, with the latest being Mr Hero Zhang.


When Cheung finalised her divorce, Hong Kong's East Week magazine reported that a man - supposedly Cheung's boyfriend - intended to buy a luxury home for her.


Hong Kong entertainment website JayneStars reported that Andy Leung, the vocalist of Hong Kong band C AllStar, had introduced himself to Cheung in May this year after they met at a function.

It also stated that they became a couple but Leung later denied it.


China Times reported that Cheung was photographed sunbathing in Singapore recently with a Caucasian man, believed to be named Leo. Other reports called him her new love.

Mr Zhang said that the Caucasian man is a friend. The three of them had met each other for the first time at East Coast Park a few months ago.

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readers' comments
Read the Wanbao last night .... Cecilia new boyfriend is a Angmoh lah ... not Singaporean man .... that hunky Sg guy just trying to get popularity with his ambiguous declaration of "friendship" niah ... :D :D :D
Posted by Small Fly on Mon, 2 Dec 2013 at 14:38 PM
Now two foreigners dating in SIngapore. GREAT

Is he leaking this out, hoping the publicity will help him gain a PR here?
Posted by saharaone on Mon, 2 Dec 2013 at 14:35 PM

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