updated 6 Apr 2014, 07:07
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Tue, Dec 24, 2013
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Barbie Hsu's belly is 'unusually' large

37-year old Barbie Hsu has attributed her unusually large belly to being an older mother.

Fans have noted that for someone just five months pregnant, her belly appears to be comparable to that of someone six months pregnant.

In response to this, she said "I am an older mother, she has more amniotic fluid.

The baby is heavier, so my tummy looks bigger." Her family is unconcerned however, joking that her baby is simply getting used to living in a mansion, and therefore is more comfortable in a larger space.

Her sister Dee also remarked that Barbie's baby is an active fat baby.

Despite being a vegetarian for many years, Barbie recently switched to eating meat again in order to increase her chances of pregnancy.

After she became pregnant, she still regularly follows her husband for spicy hotpot, though this did not go down well with her mother.

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