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Wed, Mar 05, 2014
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Fann's fish-roe fancy
by Jocelyn Lee

All eyes have been on Fann Wong and Christopher Lee since the actors revealed early last month that they were expecting their first child.

Lee, 42, was more than happy to share that his baby is already starting to, well, have the same taste as him.

At the lensing ceremony of his new Channel 8 drama series, Against The Tide, on Monday, the veteran actor told The New Paper: "My wife experienced morning sickness, suffering from nausea and loss of appetite during her first trimester.

"But she doesn't have many food cravings, maybe because she usually sleeps very early. She also looks just like before and hasn't changed."

The couple did notice a slight change in Wong's tastebuds, though - she has taken a liking to eating fish roe, something she did not enjoy in the past.

"I love fish roe but my wife doesn't. Recently, she said she wanted to eat it, and she told me: 'The baby is becoming just like you, eating what you love to eat,'" Lee said.

"I also don't really control what Fann eats, as I want her to be happy during the entire pregnancy."

Even though the public and the media are curious about the baby's gender, the daddy-to-be would rather keep it a secret.

Lee said: "We want to let nature take its course and let it be a surprise, so we won't reveal it yet.

"Fann is in her second trimester now, and both she and the baby are very healthy."

On finding out his wife was pregnant at 43 after five years of marriage, Lee said that it came as a huge surprise.

"We didn't know how to react. We just looked at each other and went: 'Is this for real?' It was very unexpected," he said.

"But, when we realised it's a fact, we were nervous yet excited. She is slowly enjoying the process of being pregnant now."

Lee and Wong wed in 2009 and had been trying to conceive from the start.

Lee, who had been busy filming in both Singapore and Taiwan over the past year, is happy to be back home with his family this year.

In Against The Tide, he plays a novelist who is skilled at solving crimes and falls in love with a psychologist (played by Rui En). Other cast members include Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang, Desmond Tan and Shane Pow.

The drama will wrap in June. Lee has pushed back his acting projects in Taiwan till September, so that he can welcome his baby in August.

He said: "It's amazing how everything works out perfectly. I agreed to take on this drama in August, and Fann wasn't pregnant then.

"Now, the timing is just right. And I get to act in a Singapore drama after four years. It's double happiness.

"Some of my fans have been asking me when they can see me on the local small screen again. I feel that it's time to come back and connect with the Singapore audience too."

With the annual Star Awards just around the corner next month, will the couple make their highly anticipated appearance on the red carpet and show off Fann's baby bump?

He said: "We are not too sure yet. Any invitations to Fann will have to go through me, as I am quite strict.

"But we will listen to what the doctor says and heed his advice. If he gives the all-clear, we might attend."

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