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Sat, Jun 13, 2009
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Doctor Lookgood
by Cheryl Lim

A NEW kind of skincare line is making waves in Singapore. Touted to be better for the skin, these lines claim to use purer ingredients and, most importantly, are made by people who really know skin – aesthetic doctors and dermatologists.

At least eight aesthetic doctors in Singapore, including Dr Georgia Lee – who launched her skincare range early last month – have skincare lines to their names.

Others include Dr Alvin Wong, who launched his line in 2007; Dr J. J. Chua, whose products hit shelves in 2004; and Dr Low Chai Ling, whose line was launched in 2003.

Dr Wong’s line has seen a doubling in sales growth since its launch, while Dr Chua said 80 per cent of his patients are using his products. Dr Low’s Skin Inc line has grown, from four products to 25.

But why are patients so smitten with these lines and how do they work?

Doctors interviewed told my paper that they developed skincare products in order to address the problems they commonly see in patients – from acne in young patients to pigmentation in older ones.

These skincare products often contain active ingredients that are classified as medications, which means that they take less time to take effect and patients can often see quick results.

One example is a take-home fruit acid peel – which exfoliates and clarifies skin – from Dr Wong, medical director of SKN MediAesthetics.

It contains ingredients “equivalent to the strength of a 20 per cent glycolic-acid peel done in the doctor’s office”. Over-the-counter products have between 5 and 8 per cent of beta hydroxy acid, according to Dr Wong.

Other ingredients found in doctors’ skincare lines may include retinoic acid, which is a rich source of vitamin A.

Over-the-counter products use a milder form called retinol, said Dr Low, medical director of The Sloane Clinic.

But because doctors’ products can be more intense on the skin, doctors caution that their lines are best used under medical supervision, especially since there is no telling how your skin will react to stronger substances.

Former model Nadya Hutagalung, 34, is a fan of Dr Low’s Skin Inc products, which she has used “for a few years now”. “I have found its products to show visible results on my skin after a few applications,” she enthused.

my paper tries out six different skincare lines. You’ll be surprised by the results.


SkinLab Medical Spa

Who: Aesthetic doctors Kelvin Chua and Frank Lee, both 36 years old, set up SkinLab Medical Spa @ Wheelock Place in 2006.

What: Their skincare line, SkinLab, ha 21 productsand was launched last December.

Best for: Sensitive skin.     

What we say: I tried Soft Clean ($85), a pore-minimising, hydrating cleanser; Smooth Tone ($70), a toner that helps reduce excess sebum; and the Whitening Serum ($180).

After two weeks, my acne-prone skin was less oily and is now less prone to break-outs.

Where to get it: Wheelock Place,
#04-04 (tel: 6235-3246)

SKN MediAesthetics

Who: Husband and wife team of doctors Alvin
Wong, 34, and Karen Chua, 35, established
SKN MediAesthetics in 2006.

What: Their 22-product line is made in the United States.

Best for: Acne-prone or ageing skin.

What we say: I tried Fruitacid Gel ($50), the
Fadeaway Cream ($80), which lightens dark
spots, and the eye serum, DarkEye Serum
($80). After two weeks, my skin looked clearer
and fairer. My dark eye circles were also
noticeably lighter.

Where to get it: Centrepoint,
03-21/22 (tel: 6732-7658)

The Sloane Clinic

Who: Dr Kenneth Lee, 38,
and Dr Low Chai Ling, 35,
established The Sloane Clinic n 2003.

What: Skin Inc is their
45-item line, developed for use in tropical climates.

Best for: Acne-prone skin.

What we say: Complexion
Corrector Lightening ($90)
lightened my dark spots by about 50 per cent. The Ice Souffle Cleanser ($55) made my skin feel softer.

Ginseng Replenishing Water ($60) stung slightly, but made my skin noticeably firmer.


Where to get it: 43, Jalan
Merah Saga (tel6471-1108)
and 30, Raffles Place,
#03-01 (tel: 6533-2522)

TLC Lifestyle Practice

Who: Dr Georgia Lee, 41,
started her aesthetic
practice in Holland Village in 1999.

What: She officially launched her 30-product skincare line last month.

Best for: Oily, acne-ridden and aged skin.

What we say: The Skin Repair Essence ($78) and Lightening Toner ($138) left my skin tighter and my freckles lighter.

The Skin Repair Essence ($78) tingled on application but my pores ended up more refined.

Where to get it: 27B,
Lorong Liput (tel: 6462-0083)

Eileen Tan Skin, Laser and Hair Transplant Clinic

Who: Consultant dermatologist Eileen Tan, 43, who established herpractice in 2006.

What: Dr Tan started her
SkinDip line of 10 products in 2006.

Best for: All skin types.

What we say: The Whitening Formula ($98)contains vitamin C. After two weeks of use, my  freckles gotnoticeably

My oily skin is clearer, thanks to the cleanser ($25) and toner ($25).

Where to get it: 3, Mount
Elizabeth, #12-01 (tel: 6733-8898)

J J Chua Rejuvenative Cosmetic and Laser Surgery

Who: Dr J. J. Chua, 43,
opened his plastic-surgery
clinic in 2004.

What: Personal Skin Care by J J hit shelves in 2005.

Best for: All skin types.

What we say: The Dramatic Whitening Serum ($128) helped clear my blemishes. The dropper was a nice touch,
but couldhave been more precise.

The Gentle Skin Cleanser ($18) did not lather but gave a just-washed feel without that too-squeaky clean vibe.

Where to get it: 3, Mount
Elizabeth, #03-05 (tel: 6235-

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