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Mon, Nov 30, 2009
Urban, The Straits Times
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10 tips for wearing boots

1 The higher your boots, the lower your hemline should be. If you must wear a mini dress or skirt, wear opaque tights or a long cardigan that reaches the top of the boots.

Both thigh-high and knee-high boots work best over a pair of skin-tight jeans or tights. Wearing a long T-shirt or a boyfriend jacket cinched at the waist balances the look and keeps your silhouette long and lean.

If you insist on showing some skin, ensure that your skirts or dresses fall about 3 to 8cm above the top of your boots. This keeps your look sexy, not trashy.

2 Stick to skinny jeans when wearing boots over denim. Stuffing looser-cut jeans into boots often causes the denim to bunch and makes your thighs look chunky.

3 If you are not blessed with supermodel legs, avoid knee or thigh-high boots as they will make you appear dumpy. Instead, choose ankle boots or booties and pair them with tights in matching colours. This makes your leg appear slimmer and longer.

4 Minimise accessories and make-up unless you are doing a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Your boots will make enough of a statement.

5 Similarly, tone down the colours of your outfit. Loud and vivid hues can make you look trashy when you are wearing over-the-knee boots.

6 If you have chunky legs, look for boots made of soft leather with adjustable laces or elastic inserts that make the boots stretchable. Do not go one size up - the boots might fit comfortably around the calf but the heel of your foot will slip.

7 When wearing knee-high boots, the widest part of your calf should fit snugly. Ill-fitting boots are very unflattering as they add bulk to your calves.

8 If your must-have boots are too tight, have them stretched by a cobbler. However, the cobbler can stretch your boots to only 11/2 sizes up, so avoid buying boots that are far too tight.

9 Boots trap more heat, causing your feet to perspire more, so never go barefoot in them. Wear thin socks or hosiery as they will absorb perspiration and prevent your feet from smelling.

The socks can also prevent blisters caused by damp feet rubbing against the inside of the boots.

10 To keep your boots in good condition, stuff them with newspapers to retain their shape when not in use. This will also prevent creases from forming.

This article was first published in Urban, The Straits Times.

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