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Fri, Jan 08, 2010
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Wife of 16 years discovered she is actually the mistress

Malaysian woman, Ye Mei Li, 43, discovered that she was all along the mistress of her Singaporean husband whom she has been married to for 16 years, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

According to another report in Shin Min daily, Madam Ye found out two years ago that her husband, Pan Chang Fu, 55, is a married man with four children, and is even a grandfather.

Ye married Pan in 1992 and have two sons, now 16 and 17 years old. However, through private investigations, it came to Ye's knowledge that Pan and his Singaporean wife had been married since 1977.

On January 4, Madam Ye came to Singapore to hired a lawyer to sue her husband of bigamy. She now wants compensation and all the money that she had loaned to him previously to be returned. Ye also approached Singapore's Registry of Marriage for help.

Their love story started in 1989 when they met at the nightclub she worked where she was working as a dance hostess then. After being acquainted, they fell in love. Following which, Pan had asked Ye to stop working at the club where was earning $10,000 a month to marry him instead. The couple officially registered their sacred union in Malaysia in 1992.

Madam Ye sold her 3 terrace
houses and 2 apartment flats,
exhausted all her savings
to help her husband with his
troubled business.

On 3 separate occasions, she
had passed him a sum of $10,000,
$12,000 and $58,800 with
written receipts for them.

Through the years, Pan had to shuttle between Singapore and Malaysia, but the two were deeply in love and he gave her a monthly household allowance.

But in 1995, his business crashed and he was forced into bankrupcy. Ye stepped in to loan him money to tide over the crisis.

Ye emptied her life-savings and sold all her valuables and lent Pan up to a sum of approximately $16,600. This sum was used not only used to salvage his business, but to repay his debts. After which, she became penniless and broke. Their sons were forced to quit school as school fees became a financial burden.

It was in 2007 that the truth about Pan surfaced. Madam Ye discovered a photo of another family in her husband's handphone and wallet. She later hired private investigators to confirm her suspicions that he was unfaithful to her.

Shin Min reported that Pan eventually abandoned his Malaysian family quietly after Ye found out about Pan's secret. Ye was left to fend for herself and her two sons. She had considered returned to her dance hosting job, which paid well, except now she is too old.

Ye told Shin Min that she and her sons have no wish to see her husband. All she wants is for the sum of money she loaned to him to be returned to her. For her teenage sons, they have no wish to reunite with their father too since they have never been close to him from earlier days, reported Shin Min.

For bringing up the two children, Ye wants a monthly alimony of $1,250; $600 for the monthly allowance of the two children plus some money for her expenses.



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