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Tue, Feb 02, 2010
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What makes a woman a mistress

What exactly makes a woman willing to become a mistress, hidden from public view and unable to stake a claim on her man? Everyone knows he will never leave his wife, so why doesn’t she leave him?

What made her become a mistress?

Lena (not her real name), 40, shares how she became a mistress a for 3 years even after the rude shock of discovering her beau was already married.

When a man strays, the finger is immediately pointed at the woman

The "other" woman is always blamed for seducing the husband, tearing a family apart.

Why won't the mistress leave?

Emotional and financial security rank high on the mistress’ list.

Why do women still stay on with their cheating husbands?

Wives who choose to stay on often think that opting out is a sin.

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